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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Season 13 Finale: What Can We Expect for Kensi and Deeks?

by Shelby Scott
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The cast and crew of “NCIS: Los Angeles” officially wrapped up filming for season 13 this week. And with fan-favorite characters Kensi and Deeks working to start a family, fans are wondering what we can expect for the couple and their future.

Well, as per CarterMatt, the two “NCIS” characters continue to navigate the adoption process after battling heartbreaking infertility. And based on the synopsis for the two-part finale, Kensi and Deeks should receive positive news regarding their adoption process.

As per the synopsis, “The NCIS team continues to search for Callen as they realize they’re being tricked by multiple deep fakes, and Kensi and Deeks hear exciting news regarding the adoption, on the conclusion of the two-part season finale.”

So far, we can’t be sure whether Kensi and Deeks will complete the adoption process and welcome home a child before the “NCIS: Los Angeles” season 13 finale. However, we do already have confirmation that the cast will return for another season in the fall. So, at the very least, we won’t have to wait too long if showrunners decide to extend the plotline.

In the meantime, there’s still a handful of episodes before we have to face the conclusion of season 13. So be sure to tune in to “NCIS: Los Angeles’s” next episode “Genesis” when it airs Sunday, April 24th during its usual timeslot.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’s Kensi and Deeks Actors Speak Out About Infertility

There’s a lot about “NCIS: Los Angeles” that’s fictional. However, one of the most realistic plotlines surrounds Kensi and Deeks’ infertility issues and their hopes to start a family. Ahead of beginning the adoption process, the onscreen couple spoke out about the realism of the subplot. They also spoke about the work it took to convey the topi as authentically as possible.

Kensi actress Daniela Ruah and Deeks actor Eric Christian Olsen worked together earlier in the season to write and put together a memorable episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles.” And that particular episode, “Live Free or Die Standing,” hones in on some parents’ most feared realities.

“I have friends who have gone through this process,” Ruah shared, “and I was diligent in talking to them. I didn’t want any part of this journey to be inauthentic.”

Olsen shared that one of his “philosophies as a [storyteller] is to tell stories that make us feel less alone. He continued, “I don’t think there are a lot [of stories] on broadcast procedurals with characters on them who are trying to start a family.”

Of his character Deeks and Ruah’s Kensi, Olsen said of their “NCIS: Los Angeles” episode, “[They’re] showing the highs and lows of that as they tackle their day jobs. A lot of audience members are going through the same challenges.

Altogether, the season finale of “NCIS: Los Angeles” promises to be a good one. But fans should also tune in on May 1st to catch Ruah and Olsen’s contribution to the lineup.