‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Season 13 Finale: What to Expect From the Upcoming ‘Come Together’ Episode

by Suzanne Halliburton
Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2022

NCIS: Los Angeles fans, you know tonight’s hour marks a very special 300th episode. And we’re also not too far away from the show’s season 13 finale. In fact, we’re so close that CBS released the plot tease and some photos from the finale, which is set for May 22, earlier this week.

So how will our favorites end the season? Will it be sort of soft and comical like last season, when the series bid goodbye to Eric and Nell? Will there be a cliffhanger? Does Callen find closure with being secretly trained as a CIA agent when he was a foster kid? So many questions.

Yes, there will be a case of the week. But unless NCIS: Los Angeles is giving us a big head fake, there will be a beach party to end the season. And everyone will be celebrating.

Here’s the plot tease for “Come Together” provided by CBS: “The NCIS team hunts for a crew that robs a Los Angeles casino with military-grade power. Also, Kensi and Deeks hear exciting news regarding the adoption, and Callen takes a big step in his relationship with Anna.”

However, know that although the episode ends in a party, there’s some nail-biting action preceding the festivities. R Scott Gemmill, NCIS: Los Angeles showrunner, offered some clues to TV Insider. He said Kensi and Deeks will face “dire straits.” And they’ll need to be rescued by everyone in the office. Even Kilbride joins in. Although Deeks and his yammering drives him crazy, Kilbride will do anything for his agents.

But Gemmill said that by the episode’s end, everyone will be crying in happiness. “It’s uplifting,” he says.

Now, for some of the NCIS: Los Angeles promo photos from the finale.

. Richard Gant (Raymond Hanna) and Gerald McRaney (Kilbride). (Sonja Flemming/CBS)

Sam Hanna’s dad, Raymond, joins NCIS: Los Angeles as a recurring character in tonight’s episode. Sam (LL Cool J) sells his boat and moves in with his father, a retired colonel in the Marines. Raymond can’t live by himself since he’s suffering from dementia. So Sam, as the good son, steps in.

It makes sense that Kilbride and Raymond would bond at a beach party. Kilbride is a retired admiral. And Sam is letting Raymond be part of his NCIS: Los Angeles fam.

Daniela Ruah (Kensi) and Bar Paly (Anna) (Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2022)

Note that Anna is in the above photo, laughing, as she stands next to Kensi. Anna’s relationship with Callen is getting serious. The two are moving into a new place. And on tonight’s episode, Callen asks Arkady, Anna’s father, for permission to marry his daughter. Early word is that Arkady says no. But Sam convinces his best friend, Callen, that it’s not over. Anna makes her own decisions. Did Callen pop the question on the beach?

We do know that Callen isn’t going to get closure on what happened with Hetty. Linda Hunt, as Hetty, was in the season 13 premiere. She confirmed that the CIA did use the foster system to identify kids who could be good spies as adults. But Hetty then jetted off to Syria and hasn’t been seen on camera since then. Gemmill said Hunt isn’t expected back until season 14.

Eric Christian Olsen Deeks), Caleb Castille (Rountree), Medalion Rahimi (Fatima) and Daniela Ruah (Kensi) do a group hug. Rosa looks on. (Sonja Flemming/CBS)

It appears that everyone is celebrating Kensi and Deeks’ new family member. Is it Rosa? She’s in the photo as Kensi and Deeks hug Rountree and Fatima. Kensi and Deeks spent most of the season preparing to adopt a child. Kensi helped rescue Rosa during an earlier mission. Rosa is an orphan and staying in Los Angeles with her aunt. Kensi called her in last week’s episode. And she’s supposed to be in tonight’s episode. There’s also photographic evidence she’s at the finale celebration. We’re connecting the NCIS: Los Angeles dots.

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