‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Welcomes ‘General Hospital’ Star to Sunday’s Episode

by Suzanne Halliburton

If you’re a fan of General Hospital, you’ll want to check out tonight’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. Dominic Zamprogna is a guest star.

Zamprogna is best known as General Hospital heart throb Dante Falconeri. The soap opera introduced his character in 2009 as an undercover officer investigating mob king Sonny Corinthos, who turned out to be his father. Dante married Lulu Spencer, the daughter of Luke and Laura Spencer, one of the most famous couples in soap opera history. Dante now is involved with Sam McCall, who had been the on/off love interest of Jason Morgan.

On NCIS: Los Angeles, Zamprogna will play Paul Figueiredo. We’re not sure if he’s a good guy or one of the adversaries. On General Hospital, Zamprogna plays an earnest, protective cop, who can do evil if programmed (remember, anything goes in a soap opera, the crazier the better.)

Here’s the NCIS: Los Angeles plot tease for tonight’s episode called “Of Value”:

“After an architect duo who specializes in designing secure buildings is kidnapped, the NCIS team mounts a search to bring them home. Also, Deeks and Kensi realize they may need to get Rosa some help with her schoolwork, and Anna considers a career outside of law enforcement.”

We know Zamprogna isn’t one of the architects. And did you know, he’s also not the first General Hospital star to appear on NCIS: Los Angeles. William deVry, who used to portray mob boss Julian Jerome on the soap opera, played Navy Captain Lombardo. The episode, which ran March 20, was “Murmuration.”

William deVry, formerly of General Hospital, is seen here with Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J on set of NCIS: Los Angeles. (CBS)

NCIS: Los Angeles Set Up a Hetty Storyline In Last Sunday’s Premiere

NCIS: Los Angeles kicked off season 14 last Sunday night. The premiere set up a new storyline with Hetty (Linda Hunt). The episode started with word that a body, burned beyond recognition, had been found in Syria. The body was tentatively identified as “Trudy Chambers,” one of Hetty’s spy identities. But the body was a young child. Hetty likely faked her own death by planting the ID on the body. Later this season, the agents will go to Syria to find and possibly rescue Hetty.

Callen (Chris O’Donnell) also is planning his wedding to Anna (Bar Paly). He proposed in the season 13 finale. Paly wasn’t in the season 14 premiere, so this will be the first chance for NCIS: Los Angeles fans to hear her ideas about a wedding ceremony. Arkady, her father, is pushing for a Dr. Zhivago theme.

This episode also features Retired Army Col. Gregory Gadson, who will play Army Colonel Jackson Ladd. In the episode, he’s a friend of Admiral Kilbride’s (Gerald McRaney). In real life, Gadson is a wounded warrior. Back in 2007, he was a commander of the 2nd Battalion, 32 Field Artillery in Iraq. After attending a memorial service, an IED hit Gadson’s Humvee. Doctors amputated both his legs at the knee and he suffered a severe injury to his right arm.

After his injury, Gadson became director of the Army Wounded Warrior program. He ended his military career as Garrison Commander of Fort Belvoir in Fairfax County, Va. Now, he works as a motivational speaker and part-time actor. You can read more Outsider coverage about Gadson here.

Now, take a glance at tonight’s episode.