‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: When Will Callen and Anna Get Married?

by Megan Molseed

It was a happy ending for the NCIS: Los Angeles players as season 13 came to a close last spring. Daniela Ruah’s Kensi and Eric Christian Olsen’s Deeks realized their dream of becoming parents when they officially became foster parents to Natalia Del Riego’s Rosa. Additionally, fans saw Chris O’Donnell’s mysterious NCIS: Los Angeles agent G. Callen finally pop the question asking Bar Paly’s Anna for her hand in marriage. However, while these are good stopping points for the wrap-up of season 12, it gets us all wondering, what can we expect to come of Callen and Anna’s wedding plans as the hit CBS TV drama returns in the fall?

NCIS Fans Were Waiting For O’Donnell G. Callen To Finally Pop The Question

As the 12th season of NCIS: Los Angeles came to a close this spring, fans were pleased to see Chris O’Donnell’s G. Callen finally propose to Anna. He had been waiting a while for this big moment, carrying around the ring for quite some time.

Now, as we still have a few months to wait for the next season, NCIS: Los Angeles showrunner R. Scott Gemmill discusses this long-awaited proposal. And, what we can expect from the characters next fall.

According to Gemmill, the impending proposal made a great storyline; giving fans a sort of “when will he finally ask her” suspense. However, the showrunner says, it was time to finally bring this big moment to our TV screens.

“That was [one] of those things where you can slow roll these things for a certain amount of time,” R. Scott Gemmill explains.

“But at some point, I think you owe it to the characters and also to the audience to make a move,” the NCIS: Los Angeles showrunner adds.

“So we just decided, at some point we have to do something,” he explains. “Either put an end to it or move forward.”

Can NCIS: Los Angeles Fans Expect Callen And Anna To Exchange Vows Next Season?

Of course, the NCIS: Los Angeles showrunners chose to have the two characters move forward, with Callen proposing during the 12th season finale. One of the reasons for this is that the minds behind NCIS: Los Angeles weren’t entirely sure the show would be returning to CBS for a 13th season. Thankfully, there was more of the story to be told, and the characters will be back this fall!

However, we do wonder what this means for the couple now. Callen knows well that Anna is focused on building a “normal” life. Something that is likely not possible for the couple; especially as Callen continues to investigate the mysteries of his past.