‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Will Kensi and Deeks Resolve the Kessler Storyline?

by Taylor Cunningham

Another NCIS: Los Angeles season finale has come and gone without putting the Kessler threat to bed. So will the series let the storyline fade away as though it never happened? According to the show’s boss, not a chance.

Kessler’s name first came into the story when we learned how Kensi got her spot with the team. In 2008, she had put him away after busting him for arms dealing and human trafficking, which was a nearly impossible feat.

But we didn’t actually meet the villain (played by writer and EP Frank Military) until last season’s Raising the Dead. After a related prisoner escaped, Kensi had to meet Kessler face-to-face to try and locate the fugitive. And upon doing so, she found out that Kessler had been studying up on her.

Kessler knew everything about Kensi. He knew that she was married to Deeks and that the two were struggling with infertility. And he also dropped the word “touché” as a creepy nod to the inside joke she shares with her husband.

But the real turn came when the criminal admitted that he’d been training hard to prepare for his moment to get out of prison and kill her. And everything really hit the fan when Kessler managed to get the president on the phone and convince him to release him “by a presidential executive order for undisclosed national security issues.” 

Ever since then, Kessler has been a terrifyingly free man with his eyes on the prize. And now that two finales have passed without resolving the issue, we’re wondering if NCIS: Los Angeles will ever deal with him.

Next Season on NCIS: Los Angeles,’ Kensi and Kessler Will Finally Come Head to Head

According to NCIS: Los Angeles executive producer R. Scott Gemmill, the time will come for Kensi to finally confront Kessler next season.

As Gemmill shared, he’s been intentionally letting the tension between the two “fester and bubble away until it rears its ugly head again.” Though, he wouldn’t reveal just how everything will play out.

“I think for sure, we’ll put that one to bed because nobody wants to live with that over their shoulders the rest of their lives,” he said, adding that a few other storylines will also resolve next year.

And perhaps one of the reasons that the series let the trouble brew so long was to make sure the climax was extra intense. This year, Kensi and Deeks finally got their wish to become parents when they began fostering Rosa. So now that they’ve grown their family, Kessler has the ability to take more than Just Kensi’s life.

“Yeah,” Gemmill added, “they have more to lose. It’s always easier when it’s just you one on one.”

While new episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles ended with last week’s finale, you can catch up on the Kessler mess through reruns on CBS every Sunday at 10/9c.