‘NCIS: Los Angeles’s LL Cool J Reunites With Former Costar Omar Epps in Hilarious Video

by Suzanne Halliburton

What a way to promote a gigantic concert! LL Cool J, the NCIS: Los Angeles star, is days away from pulling off his first Rock the Bells Festival. And to give the first-year festival a little more love and attention, LL Cool J reunited with Omar Epps to re-do a scene from the 1999 movie In Too Deep.

The NCIS: Los Angeles star captioned the video: “And we meet again. J. Reid and God take Queens, NY on August 6th at the Rock the Bells Festival. See you there.”

Acting Career of Future NCIS: Los Angeles Star Exploded in Late 1990s

Now, let’s talk about the video reunion. Epps played Jeff “J. Reid” Cole. Back in 1999, he was the young police academy graduate who wanted to work undercover. Using his J Reid identity, he got in tight with LL Cool J’s Dwayne Gittens. He had the do-gooder community persona. But he was a drug lord so powerful that his crew and the wannabes referred to him as God. Cole got in so deep as J Reid that he almost thought of himself as one of God’s minions.

Epps, as J Reid, is working at a corner store in the video. He’s on the phone and says “Hold on. You look familiar” as LL Cool J walked in. He hands him a “Rick Ross” cigar and some scratch off lottery tickets. Then Epps asks LL Cool J, “you from around here.”

Then cut to the movie, as the cops bust God and stick him in the back of a squad car. “You ain’t no cop, you ain’t no cop, J. Reid!”

Here’s a shot of LL Cool J, the future NCIS: Los Angeles star, with Omar Epps from their movie, In Too Deep. (Getty Images)

LL Cool J Hosts His Hip Hop Festival, Aug 6th

LL Cool J will be taking some time off from NCIS: Los Angeles early next month for his Rock the Bells Festival in Queens. The festival is set for Aug. 6 at Forest Hills Stadium. LL Cool J named the festival after his hip hop/lifestyle brand.

“This festival is my way of showing love to the community of Hip-Hop and celebrating the incredible journey this culture has taken,” said the NCIS: Los Angeles star. That goes “from DJ Kool Herc’s Sedgwick Avenue rec room, to the global phenomenon we all cherish today. Getting to bring some of the most iconic and influential Hip-Hop artists to the same stage, in my hometown and the city that started it all, is an honor. And I can’t wait for everyone to see what we have in store for them.”

LL Cool J plays Sam Hanna. Here he is in the NCIS: Los Angeles season 13 finale with Chris O’Donnell (G Callen). (Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS(

The cast and crew from NCIS: Los Angeles recently reported for production on season 14 of the show. They were the last NCIS franchise to get back to work. But they also have a later fall premiere. It’ll kick off Oct. 9.

LL Cool J plays Sam Hanna, who is partners with G Callen (Chris O’Donnell). The last time fans saw them, the two were celebrating Callen’s engagement.