Will ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Introduce Any New Villains in Season 14?

by Taylor Cunningham

NCIS: Los Angeles is about to head into a new season, and with the death of Katya, the story is running low on recurring villains. That means that we’ll soon meet a new antagonist who will hunt one or more of the agents in episodes to come.

Until recently, Katya and Kessler were the main adversaries in the LA plot. Katya (Sasha Clements) was introduced this season. And she spent most of the year terrorizing Callen with phone calls and videos while trying to slander his name and ruin his life.

During the finale, Katya finally met Callen face to face and tried murdering him. But CIA agent Joelle Taylor showed up in the nick of time and shot Katya before she finished him off. And that ended her place in the story.

Now, the only long-running NCIS: Los Angeles villain is Kessler, which means there is a need for the writers to bring on a new bad guy. And we’ll probably meet that character before season 14 concludes. However, there is a chance that the show will finalize things with Kessler before anyone else joins the mix.

The series has been building tension with Kessler for years. And executive producer R. Scott Gemmill admits that he will finally bring the story to a head next season.

Kensi Will Finally Confront Her Villain During the Upcoming ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Season

Kessler first came into NCIS: Los Angeles in 2008 when Kensi joined the team. She actually earned her spot with NCIS by putting him away for dealing and human trafficking, which the federal government believed was an impossible feat.

Then we finally met him during last season’s installment titled Raising the Dead. When a prisoner connected to Kessler escaped, Kensi had to sit down with him and convince him to tell her where his friend was hiding. And when she met with him, she learned that he had been stalking her from prison—and he wanted revenge.

Following the meet and greet, Kessler managed to get the actual commander in chief on the phone and get released “ by a presidential executive order for undisclosed national security issues.” 

Since becoming a free man, he’s been playing a game of cat and mouse with Kensi and her family.

In an interview with The Anniston Star, Gemmill admitted that he’s been intentionally letting the Kessler drama “fester and bubble away until it rears its ugly head again.” But the time has come for him to “put that one to bed.”

“Nobody wants to live with that over their shoulders the rest of their lives,” he said.

Watch the drama unfold when NCIS: Los Angeles season 14 premieres on  Sunday, October 9.