Are ‘NCIS’ or ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Going to Call It Quits After Upcoming Seasons?

by Megan Molseed

During its nineteen-season run, the popular CBS television procedural series NCIS has seen some major success. And, we do know the popular drama series is slated to return to CBS next fall for the 20th season.

However, is the end in sight for the series? Or, could one of the show’s multiple spin-offs, the equally successful NCIS: Los Angeles, be looking at saying goodbye next year? According to Los Angeles showrunner, it was the uncertainty of the future that prompted showrunners to create the “feel good” finale we just saw as the show’s 13th season came to a close last week.

Will NCIS: Los Angeles Be Coming To An End After Next Season?

NCIS: Los Angeles executive producer R. Scott Gemmill notes that the 13th season finale episode of the popular CBS series gave fans a lot of closure to some big storylines for one particular reason. The showrunners weren’t sure that Los Angeles would be back for its 14th season.

“We always keep it [in the back of our minds]” notes Gemmill “It’ll be sad, but everything has to come to an end at some point.” And, when the show does finally come to a close, fans can certainly expect another feel-good episode to wrap it all up.

“We always ask that if CBS thinks it’s going to be the end of the run that they at least give us a bit of a heads up,” the showrunner notes. “So we can really bring closure to a lot of our characters for the sake of the audience,” Gemmill says that he hopes this upcoming season isn’t the last for NCIS: Los Angeles. But showrunners will be keeping the possibility in mind.

“Hopefully this isn’t our last season, but it quite possibly could be,” he says. “So we’ll always keep that in the back of our mind, just in case we have to say goodbye to everyone.”

Could Big Changes Spell An End For NCIS?

NCIS fans knew that the most recent season of the series was going to be quite different. After all, one of the show’s most beloved characters, Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs, said goodbye to the team during this season’s first few episodes. However, numbers are noting that this big change didn’t drive viewers away.

“It’s really astounding,” notes NCIS executive producer Steven D. Binder “I was hopeful — because I had to be, and it’s so not my nature — that we would still manage to keep going without Gibbs.”

This, Binder notes, tells showrunners that NCIS has some major staying power as the series enters its 20th season on the air.

“I believe that I’ll leave and the show will keep going,” Binder says. The showrunner adds that as long as they keep telling the good stories, the series will continue for years to come.

“I just don’t ever see this show ending,” the showrunner adds. “I think if we keep telling good stories, I think the show keeps going.”