‘NCIS’ Alum Emily Wickersham Receives Moving First Mother’s Day Tribute From Boyfriend James Badge Dale

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Emily Wickersham of NCIS fame is celebrating her first Mother’s Day as a mom and her boyfriend James Badge Dale is honoring her. Not that he doesn’t honor her in some way every single day. Still, Sunday is a special day worth remembering and honoring moms. As you can see, Wickersham is holding her child closely while on the beach.

Cassius Wickersham Dale was born on Dec. 30, 2021, and mom and dad could not be happier. Back in January, she happened to share another beach picture with her and Cassius. Last year, Wickersham also posted a selfie of her with her own mother.

Emily Wickersham of ‘NCIS’ Fame Wished Mark Harmon ‘Big Congrats’ Upon His Departure

Back to NCIS for a hot minute. The actress wished Mark Harmon “big congrats” when he left the show. Harmon, who plays Leroy Jethro Gibbs, has taken himself off the show at this time. His Gibbs character is still alive. What is Harmon doing? Well, he is an executive producer on the show so he’s still involved in it. “Big congrats to this guy!! what a run!” Wickersham writes in her Instagram stories. 

One time, her celebrity crush shows up on NCIS. Just imagine how that went down for Wickersham. Well, she talks about it a bit right here. “Yeah, I might turn really red right now,” Wickersham said about Taye Diggs in an appearance back in 2016 on The Talk. Diggs played Gunnery Sergeant Aaron Davis who suffers from PTSD. “I didn’t actually get to work with him,” Wickersham said. “I met him in the makeup trailer and introduced myself. And I got really flustered and red and kind of ran out.”

Actress Shares Thoughts About Wanting To Play Bad Guy

The actress who played Emily Bishop on the show does have some cred to her career. She also might want to play a not-so-good character sometimes, too. Wickersham had some thoughts about playing a bad guy on the show. “Yeah, I would always want to play one of the bad guys,” she tells Good Housekeeping in an interview. “Bishop is a goody-goody, but it’s part of what I love about her character. It’s fun. I got to work on some stuff about my character’s divorce and kind of get more emotional.”

When coming onto the show, she knew that Ziva David, played by Cote de Pablo, would be tough to replace if she could at all. “People were very attached to Ziva!” Wickersham said in another interview. “I wasn’t replacing her, but it was scary to come into that. People are crazy about the show. [We] have such wonderful fans.”