‘NCIS’ Alum Pauley Perrette Met With Outpouring of Fan Support After Giving Unfortunate Update

by Suzanne Halliburton

Beloved NCIS alum Pauley Perrette shared some sad news with her Twitter followers this week. Actually, it was more an update of what she lost in all this heat.

First, know that Perrette is a self-described “lover of the Earth.” She loves the planet’s animals and its flora and fauna. So it was devastating for the NCIS alum to share the news. But at the same time, it also was uplifting. That’s the impact a cherry tomato can have.

“As an obsessive gardner and plant grower and lover of the earth,” Perrette wrote on Twitter, “most of my food bearing plants burned up this year. But this was my harvest the other day and I ate it and it was delicious and perfect! I will have more to come!”

Perrette then shared some of the vegetables she grew. Take a look at the sweet tomato she picked from plants she grew. It’s a ritual people have each spring, whether you live in the country with plenty of land or in the city with a few planter box gardens. You get your hands dirty when you plant vegetables in the spring, then harvest them throughout the summer and into fall. It makes for some good, truly satisfying eating.

A couple of years ago, as we all were stuck at home because of the pandemic, Perrette offered advice on how to keep sane. One thing the former NCIS star recommended was gardening.

“I also like to plant things,” she told CBS Watch Magazine. “OK, so, I have a lot of plants. Tons of things you can plant inside your house.”

A follower of the NCIS alum replied to her post: “Picked some Tiny Tims from my garden today too! Grew these plants from seeds and so proud!”

Another Pauley fan wrote “so sorry to hear about your other plants but so glad to see this one has made it through! Tomatoes are some of my favorite foods! There is nothing like eating something straight from the garden!”

One fan wrote the former NCIS star from Europe, “In France too many burned. It’s good to be positive, good future harvest.” Yes, a historic heat wave enveloped Europe and parts of the United States. Temperatures in Paris reached 105 and London got to 102.

“Yay! Food grown by yourself is that much more delicious!” another fan wrote. “Also, love your hand tattoo!”

Here’s a scene from “One Step Forward,” Perrette’s next-to-last NCIS episode. (Robert Voets/CBS)

Perrette still has so many NCIS fans who adore her and follow her on social media. She’s approaching 710,000 followers on Twitter. Perrette played quirky Abby Sciuto for 354 NCIS episodes. She was on the show at the beginning, working as the chief forensic scientist. However, at the end of season 15, Abby decided to leave NCIS and start a charity in London. She’d survived an assassination attempt and felt she needed a change in her life.

CBS gave Perrette her own show in 2020. She played a single mother in Broke. But the comedy only lasted 13 episodes.

Meanwhile, NCIS started production for season 20 earlier this month. The fall premiere is Sept. 19.