‘NCIS’ Alum Pauley Perrette Reveals She Suffered a Stroke a Year Ago, Fans Show Support

by Samantha Whidden

Ready to be open about her personal health struggles, former NCIS star Pauley Perrette took to Twitter over the weekend to reveal she suffered from a stroke in 2021. 

In the tweet on Friday (September 2nd), the NCIS alum revealed details about her stroke. “It’s 9/2. One year ago I had a massive stroke. Before that, I lost so many beloved family and friends, and daddy and then Cousin Wayne. Yet still a survivor after this traumatic life I’ve been given so far… And still so grateful, still so full of faith, and STILL HERE!” 

The former NCIS star also shared a video that detailed her experience. “It’s the one year anniversary since I had a stroke. And I’m still here. Yes, I’m still here. Again. Like, how many do I cheat death? Like, I almost died from my hair dye allergy, I have food allergies. I am a domestic violence and rape survivor. And I was assaulted by crazy homeless person and almost died. You know, I’m still here.”

Perrette went on to say that she’s truly grateful to still be alive even after all her life-threatening experiences. She said the key thing about her survival is being around for all her rescue pups. “ Things that are harder than having a stroke. But I’m still here. And I’m still grateful. And thank you, both of you who are my friends. Thank you. God bless you all. I’m still here.” 

Followers of the NCIS alum shared their support for her. “You and your rescue dogs are true warriors Pauley. We’re all so glad you’re still here with us despite everything. You’ve always been such a beacon of light and hope for me personally since being a small kid, and for so many other souls out there.” 

‘NCIS’ Alum Pauley Perrette Suffered From An Intense Allergic Reaction From Hair Dye 

In 2014, Pauley Perrette was rushed to the hospital with a life-threatening allergic reaction from the hair dye she was using. 

While speaking to Los Angeles’ CBS station, the former NCIS castmate opened up about the horrific experience. “One of my eyes was almost swollen shut,” she recalled. “And the other half of my face had become twice the size of my head. The most important thing to me is that anyone out there that dyes their hair, particularly people who have been dyeing their hair black for a long time, you need to be aware of the symptoms.” 

Perrette also shared details about the incident by stating it was an “acquired allergy” for those who have dyed their hair for years. “Was in ER. Just got home from [the] hospital. Awful. My head swelled up huge like a melon.”