‘NCIS’ Asks Fans: ‘If You Were To Join One of These Duos for a Day, Who Would It Be and Why?’

by Chris Piner

There is no shortage of hit television series when it comes to CBS. Among their long list of hits include NCIS, which premiered back in 2003. With over 400 episodes, fans of the show have grown with the characters, watching them struggle with their own hurdles and demons. While there are rumors that NCIS will end its series in the near future, no statement has been released. Instead, the official Twitter page decided to ask fans a hard question about which duo they would most likely hang out with for a day. 

Sharing the post, NCIS wrote, “If you were to join one of these duos for a day, who would it be and why?” The post was accompanied by a picture of Nick Torres, played by Wilmer Valderrama, and Jessica Knight, portrayed by Katrina Law. On the other side of the debate, Dr. Donald Mallard, who is played by David McCallum and goes by the name Ducky, and Jimmy Palmer, who is played by Brian Dietzen. 

NCIS Fans Weigh In

Just a simple question to the fans, it didn’t take long before the comments started to pour in. They read:

  • “Ducky and Palmer. I love Ducky’s stories and Palmer is so positive and happy. Very funny guy too. So passionate about what they do. It would be an experience along side them taking in all that knowledge.”
  • “I’m not good with the blood. But that is a difficult choice. Torres and knight have all the action. Palmer and Ducky have the knowledgeable.”
  • “Jimmy because from a nervous, eager student of Ducky’s he’s grown in confidence and stature and I’d love to give him a hug and Ducky because he’s so many interesting tales to tell, and he was a spy  in another life.”
  • “Ducky and Palmer because I love Ducky’s stories and those two seem so interesting and inspiring to me!!!They are all great actors!!  Those 2 and McGee are my favorites!!!! Have watched every episode and can’t wait for the new season!!!”
  • “I Would Have To Go For Palmer And Ducky Just Because I Feel Like The Overwhelming Knowledge I Would Get From Them.”

Wilmer Valderrama Shares Glimpse Of New Season

So there you have it, while fans enjoy the presence of all the characters on NCIS, when it came down to who they would spend a day with, there was no question, Ducky and Palmer won by a landslide. 

Besides the heated debate, fans received a glimpse of the upcoming season of NCIS thanks to Wilmer Valderrama. He shared a video on Twitter, showing the cast gearing up for another season. He wrote, “NCIS is back for season 20! We’re back on set. We’re very happy … You’ve been warned. We’re after doing things that you’ve never seen from NCIS and we’re switching things up that will surprise you along the way … Get ready. September 19, see you guys there.”