‘NCIS’ Celebrates Father’s Day With Touching Moment Between Sean Murray and His Daughter

by Suzanne Halliburton

The NCIS episode this season featuring Sean Murray bonding on-screen with his real-life daughter still gives us all the feels.

And it was a perfect NCIS shout-out for Father’s Day. That’s why the social media team posted a video clip of a key scene in “The Brat Pack” for a Sunday flashback. Do you remember the episode? It ran May 2. The agents investigated a string of break-ins at Quantico Marine base. And some fun-loving teens were breaking into homes so they’d have a place to party. Then someone got killed.

As McGee, Murray bonded with Teagan, a teenager after his own heart. They both could code and hack. And both were military brats. McGee’s dad was an admiral, while Teagan’s mom was on special assignment, which meant her uncle was keeping an eye out for her. There’s a reason why McGee and Teagan bonded so well. In real life, Cay Ryan Murray, who portrayed Teagan, is Sean Murray’s oldest child.

So let’s talk about the clip.

McGee tells her: “You know Teagan, if my daughter is anything like you when she grows up, I’m going to be very proud.” And Teagan responds, “you’ll be proud of her anyway. She’s lucky to have you as a Dad.”

“Why do you say that?” McGee asks. “You’re a good listener,” Teagan says. Then McGee’s co-workers get in on the conversation as Teagan’s mother comes home and runs to hug her daughter.

“That’s your future, McGee,” Jess tells him. “Minus the brushes with the law, I guess,” he says. Then Torres quips “Oh, you’re in for it, Tim.”

And McGee, speaking of his TV daughter: “Then I guess I’ll enjoy the princess dress phase while it lasts.”

The NCIS fans loved the Sean Murray scene with his daughter. One fan wrote that the episode represented “one of the most wholesome moments of the season.” And the NCIS social media team answered back “we would have to agree with you on that.”

Another wrote: “y’all just love making us cry.”

Scene is from NCIS episode called The Helpers. Brian Dietzen is Jimmy Palmer and Elle Graper is Victoria. (Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2022)

But you know what, you can make a case that NCIS season 19 liked to show off these Girl Dad moments. Let’s go back to “The Helpers” (Outsider recap here), when Jimmy Palmer brought his daughter, Victoria, to the office. It’s the first time the character had been on the show since she was a baby. Victoria, like her dad, has suffered through a tough year. Breena, Jimmy’s wife, died of Covid early in season 18. Torres also helped with Victoria, coming over on weekends to keep her company.

And Victoria very nearly lost her father in the episode. Jimmy and Kasie both fell victim to a toxin let loose by a domestic terrorist. But Meredith Eaton came up with an antidote.

Pictured: Rocky Carroll as NCIS Director Leon Vance and Naomi Grace as Kayla. (Robert Voets/CBS ©2022)

Then the following week, NCIS writers gave us Kayla Vance, Leon Vance’s daughter. She’s all grown now and wants to be an NCIS agent. Kayla is kidnapped, and her father (Rocky Carroll) helps find her.

So here’s to NCIS and its dads and daughters. OK, toss in the sons, too. And Happy Father’s Day from Outsider.