‘NCIS’: Could Tony DiNozzo Actually Return in Season 20?

by Taylor Cunningham

A cryptic Instagram post has NCIS fans hoping that Tony DiNozzo will be returning to the series in Season 20. And we’re not making any promises, but it looks like they may get their wish.

The CBS drama had a difficult run this year with the exit of Mark Harmon’s Leroy Gibbs. Over its nearly two decades on air, fans have never mourned an exit so passionately.

DiNozzo’s Michael Weatherly left the series back in 2013. And while the choice didn’t hit the fans as hard as Harmon’s, he definitely broke thousands of hearts. So when his former co-star Sean Murray randomly posted a picture of his character, Timothy McGee, with DiNozzo, the NCIS fanbase went into a tizzy.

Along with the picture, Murray simply captioned “throwback,” but the unprompted blast felt like a promo or tease to Murray’s 200K followers.

“Wait does (sic) this mean…. This duo is coming back,” one fan commented.

“Hoping we’ll see Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo on the premier!!!” another wrote.

To stoke the rumors, the official NCIS page commented that it loves “a good throwback.” So now fans are waiting impatiently as the series nears its fall debut to see if the actor is coming back for a surprise cameo or two. But is there a real possibility that he could? Yes.

Fans Will See if DiNozzo is Coming Out of Retirement When ‘NCIS’ Returns in September

When Weatherly left during Season 13, it was on good terms. While he had plenty of screen time on NCIS as a supporting character, he landed a role on Bull as the lead. The actor spent six years with that show, but CBS canceled the series this year. And as far as we know, he hasn’t lined up any new projects. So, his schedule is wide open.

To make the appearance even more plausible, writing DiNozzo back into the story would be easy. For his exit, DiNozzo retired to dedicate his life to his family. Bringing the agent back to work wouldn’t take much creativity.

As of yet, a return of the “Very Special Agent” is all speculation. Aside from the post, neither CBS, the series, nor the actors have made any other attempts to raise our hopes. However, they haven’t worked to squash the rumors either.

With NCIS hitting a milestone with 20 seasons, it’s likely that the writers are looking for special ways to celebrate. And a DiNozzo would return would certainly be a cause to do so. However, it looks like we won’t have any answers until the series picks back up on Monday, September 19, on CBS.