‘NCIS’ Star Diona Reasonover Shares New Behind-the-Scenes Video With Brian Dietzen

by Shelby Scott

Earlier this week, the cast of CBS’s long-running hit procedural drama NCIS returned to the set for filming. Now, a few days after beginning work for season 20, series stars Diona Reasonover and Brian Dietzen are taking fans behind the scenes with a fun new video. Check it out.

“Hey, hi, it’s your favorite lab coats, we’re back,” the Kasie Hines actress began. Dietzen joined in on the excitement with, “Mm-hmm, season 20.”

In celebration, the “tag team” shared with fans that they’ll be playing 20 questions in between filming for the show. Hilariously, Reasonover asked the Jimmy Palmer actor, “Okay, how do you play 20 questions?”

Posting their fun clip on Instagram, Reasonover encouraged fans to ask some of their own questions in the comments. The NCIS star wrote, “If you could ask the cast of [NCIS] anything, what would it be??”

Fans of the series flooded the comments and, trust me, they had far more than 20 questions.

“How did you feel after finding out you got a part in [the] no.1 show in the world?” one NCIS fan asked the Kasie Hines actress. Another fan had two interesting questions. The first read, “Who forgets their lines the most?” The second was, “Who would be your dream guest star on the show?”

While some fans got into more personal questions like the ones above, others had burning questions regarding season 20. Above all else, many fans are wondering one of two things. Will Jimmy and Jessica Knight stay together romantically in the upcoming season? And will we eventually see Mark Harmon‘s character Gibbs make a return to NCIS?

What to Expect From ‘NCIS’ Season 20

Season 19 of NCIS concluded with quite the cliffhanger plotline. However, that’s no different than usual taking a look back at prior seasons. As always, the CBS series’ writers have left fans impatiently waiting at the edge of their seats. And as we head into season 20 this fall, we have a handful of questions about the crime drama’s ongoing plotlines.

One of the biggest questions, of course, is who is the mystery person behind NCIS‘s domestic terrorist the Raven? Fans first met the show’s latest villain during the season 19 episode “The Helpers,” which, written by Jimmy Palmer actor Brian Dietzen, turned the spotlight on NCIS‘s medical examiner and forensic scientist, who appear together in the clip above.

Unfortunately, the team, after narrowly saving Jimmy and Kasie’s lives, never catches the person behind the “The Helpers” crime. Later, we find that the Raven will have a major influence over the new season’s first episodes.

In addition, other fans are wondering just how long NCIS Special Agent Alden Parker will be separated from his team as he goes on the run with FBI paranormal investigator and ex-wife Vivian Kolchak. Other questions surround Palmer and Jessica Knight’s (Katrina Law) relationship status heading into season 20.

Overall, we have a lot to explore when NCIS premieres its latest season this fall. Be sure to tune in on Monday, September 19th to pick up where season 19 left us.