‘NCIS’ Fans Aren’t Too Sure of This Recent Couple

by Suzanne Halliburton

NCIS fans, please say this isn’t so. You don’t like Jimmy and Jess as a couple? But they fit the whole opposites-attract relationship dynamic, right?

The Jimmy-Jess coupling is an ongoing discussion on the NCIS sub-Reddit. The reviews are mixed as avid viewers aren’t sure if they really see Dr. Jimmy Palmer, the medical examiner, and Jess Knight, the agent who was a collegiate track star, as a couple. Palmer (Brian Dietzen) is a widower. His wife, Breena, died of Covid in season 18. Jess (Katrina Law) joined the D.C. office a few months later.

A Reddit user named hgb84 wrote: “The fact they are completely opposite of each other makes it compelling. Jimmy and Breena were basically the same. But Jimmy and Knight are on opposite ends, so to speak. Jimmy (is) the autopsy gremlin and Knight is a badass field agent.

“I think if they get more screen time together it will come off better,” the user wrote. “Maybe have Knight be vulnerable and Jimmy be the emotional support. Or vice versa. Even if they don’t fall in love, at least let them have a hot whirlwind romance.”

Michael Yarish/CBS ©2022

Here’s the Brief History of Newest Couple on NCIS

So here’s how the two became a fledgling couple. Jess needed a plus one for a cousin’s wedding. And her fellow agents convinced her that Jimmy would be the perfect choice. We could already see hints that Jess and Jimmy were becoming good friends. Plus, in an episode called “The Helpers,” Jimmy nearly died. And after seeing Breena in a hallucination, he decided it was time to move on with his life.

A Reddit user named “Whispering Unicorn” started the Jimmy-Jess post. The user brought up some past NCIS relationships, including the one Jimmy had with his wife. “Jimmy and Breena had incredible chemistry,” the user wrote. “I mean Brian Dietzen would just glow whenever he was just talking about Breena and (daughter) Victoria. The birth scene, baby shower, Christmas visit, wedding, I mean everything was just so magical between them.

“I just don’t see that between Jimmy and Jessica. I want Palmer to move on and find love again, since its been a year since Breena passed, but I don’t know if that person is Jessica. (And) I just don’t see the on screen chemistry. Maybe it’ll be a slow burn, but I’m just not sure. So how do y’all feel about whatever we’re calling it. Jimmyca? Knigalmer? Jamesicca? Jamesessica?”

Robert Voets/CBS

Can There Be a Couple with No Clever Hashtag Nickname?

So far, we’ll take a pass on the nickname suggestions. None look like they’d take off as an NCIS hashtag. Jimmy and Jess did become closer when Jimmy volunteered to escort a liver from one transplant team to another. Jess said she’d keep him company. It turns out that the new liver was intended for a witness who was about to testify in a federal case against a company that made slot machines. Some bad guys came after Jimmy and Jess. The two helped save each other. You can read the Outsider recap here.

And then in the season 19 finale, the two definitely decided to take the relationship out of the friend zone.

A user with the screen name SpacedOutDreamerBoy posted: “I feel like the Jimmy and (the) Knight plot was just sandwiched in there cause there just HAS to be a relationship between anyone on the team or it’s not interesting enough. That’s just my opinion though.”