‘NCIS’ Fans Have a Darkhorse Candidate for Least-Favorite Character in the Show’s History

by Sean Griffin

NCIS is no stranger to large and downright unlikeable personalities in its time on air.

One user on Reddit named @whispering_unicorn took to the popular app to post a question. The user first asks if they’re alone in thinking their opinion, and then they reveal who their least favorite character in show history is.

They wrote: “Am I alone in my hatred?” Then, they followed that leading question up, writing, “My least favorite character in NCIS main character history: Abby is a common answer, Bishop, Torres, Vance, all things you see very often. But mine has always, always been Alex Quinn.”

The user shared some of their reasons for hating the character of Alex Quinn.

“She was attracted to Gibbs which was incredibly weird, hinted at having a thing with Torres also very weird. I haven’t watched a Quinn episode for a while, due to my hatred of course, but she always seemed super whiny and complain-y. Her backstory made sense, her trauma was valid, and I’m okay with new. But something just didn’t feel right with her and I can’t put my finger on it. When Jack joined, she didn’t fit in the typical character slot pattern of the show that had been maintained until season 14…Alex was unnecessary, pointless, and I constantly asked myself, why are you here?”

She closes her posts with a final question to other users. “Are any of y’all fans of Alex Quinn? Or is my dislike towards her completely unjustified?”

‘NCIS’ Fans Respond to Reddit Thread

One user shared their thoughts on Alex Quinn. “Alex Quinn was the ‘non-character’ IMHO. She wasn’t around long enough to even make an impact. The only endearing episode she did was when she realized how bad her mother’s dementia was.”

Another user chimed in to the debate, agreeing mostly with the original poster.

“I cannot believe there are people who hate Vance. I absolutely love that character. About Quinn? I read that the actress said it was always supposed to be for one season only, ‘not long-term’ she said.”

They continued, saying “I also agree the character didn’t fit that much with the team and the way the character was written off was horrible. I also agree with the rest of the users that introducing three new characters in one season was too much and it backfired.”

A final user agreed with @whispering_unicorn, saying, “Yeah same, did not understand why she joined and then she left so fast too. Saw the actress again in The Boys where she fit really well and had a purpose. She did not really have a purpose in NCIS.”

The original poster commented back and explained why the character may not have been the best fit.

“Yeah, everyone new team member prior had been a probie, not knowing anything about investigating,” they said. “Gibbs showed them the ropes, took care of them, and served a fatherly role. This is true of Tony, McGee, Kate, Ziva, Eleanor, Torres, and both Kasie and Abby. That’s why no matter the cast turnover the relative quality of the show stayed the same, because they had the same dynamic/vibe to fall back on. Quinn was there first attempt at breaking that mold, her being a knowledgeable, older agent, but they failed, she was purposeless and a waste of space. They tried again with Jack and got it right that time.”

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