‘NCIS’ Fans Think Millie Bobby Brown’s Character Was the Creepiest Villain

by Taylor Cunningham

Years before Bobby Millie Brown became a household name for playing a telekinetic Upside Down World slayer in Stranger Things, she starred as an innocent-looking little girl in NCIS—who just happens to be one of the most notable villains in franchise history.

Brown appeared in the Season 12, Episode 6 installment titled Parental Guidance Suggested. The story found the team investigating the murder of a Navy SEAL’s wife. The team originally believes that an imprisoned serial killer convinced a sociopath on the outside to do his biddings. But they later find that her own daughter—Brown’s Rachel Barnes—did it. And she had absolutely no remorse for her crime. In fact, she reveled in the twisted glory.

Rachel is the youngest murderer to ever appear on NCIS. At the time, Brown was a petite 10-year-old donning pigtails and sad eyes. So the twist came as a complete shock to viewers. And the psychotic child still haunts their dreams to this day.

‘NCIS’ Fans Unanimously Vote Millie Bobby Brown as the ‘Creepiest’ Murderer in the Show’s History

Four months ago, a fan began a Reddit thread that asked people which villain they thought is the creepiest NCIS villain of all. And Rachel ended up being the star of the comments.

“[Millie] Bobby Brown,” answered mchollahan. “There’s something about a completely unremorseful child that gets to me.”

In fact, every single response proclaimed Brown’s characters as the most chilling and sinister to challenge the NCIS team to date. By the end of the episode, it was Gibbs who put the pieces together and realized that Rachel shot her mother in the back.

Rachel had staged an entire plot where she went trick-or-treating with a friend and his father—so she’d have an alibi. When the two dropped Rachel off at home, they heard her give a blood-curtling scream. When the father ran into the room, he found Rachel in shock and whispering “mom?” as she hovered over the blood-covered body.

Throughout the entire episode, no one ever suspected that Rachel could have been the killer. Instead, they felt endless compassion for the poor child who had just lost her mother. So some people wondered what could have gone “through Gibbs’ mind” when he had that major epiphany.

“I second this…there were a lot of evil villains,” dra9nfly replied to the initial vote. “But she was the creepiest for sure because u don’t expect that level of evil from a child.”

“You win!” wrote Mr_Frible. “There is no one who tops her!”