NCIS: Fans Think They Know Identity of the Raven

by Suzanne Halliburton

NCIS fans, we’d like to direct your attention to the season finale. You remember “Birds of a Feather.” It left us with quite the cliff hanger.

So, who is your best bet on the Raven, the terrorist who first showed up in “The Helpers”? That’s the man or woman who calls the shots in a domestic cult. The Raven had his followers do his bidding, which was to set off biotoxins to kill lots of people. These toxins almost killed Jimmy and Kasie, who accidentally took a whiff of the bad stuff. But at the end of the episode, which was all about Jimmy, the Raven left a message for Alden Parker. “Never more” it read.

The Raven also apparently is responsible for setting up Parker (Gary Cole) for the murder of his partner when both worked for the FBI. The popular fan theory is Viv, Parker’s ex-wife, is the cult leader. We’ll get to that. But NCIS fans have another theory. Maybe it’s FBI Deputy Director Wayne Sweeney. And perhaps his reasons also have to do with Gibbs (Mark Harmon) who Parker refused to arrest while they were in Alaska.

Teri Polo plays Viv. She’ll be a recurring character in NCIS season 20. Is she the Raven? (Robert Voets/CBS ©2022)

Yes, this sounds far fetched. But several folks dropped that theory on the NCIS sub Reddit.

“I’m beginning to think Sweeney is the culprit for this whole thing,” wrote RayKVega. “Considering he’s still seemingly angry over Gibbs not being arrested and his behavior seems pretty….. antagonistic in a way? Also could be just me, but some of his remarks (such as saying he “accidentally” fired Parker for not arresting Gibbs which is completely BS and his “misspoken” comments) sounds pretty suspicious to me.”

Another user agreed. “Came here to say just this… my money is on Sweeney being the Raven. He has the history with Parker, the ability to control Parker’s ex-wife and a grudge against Parker. From the barely legal wiretap to the “misspoke” comments.”

Does it at all sound plausible? That would require us to think that a higher up at the FBI ordered someone to poison the water at a Marine base (remember The Helpers) and set up Parker with murder. Sweeney doesn’t like Parker. One reason is because Parker defied his orders and let Gibbs go free in Alaska. (Then Gibbs was free to stay there and retire in peace).

“See! I feel the same way!” another NCIS fan wrote. “He is gunning for Parker because he hates Gibbs! Ha!”

Parker defied FBI orders and didn’t arrest Gibbs (Mark Harmon). (Photo by CBS ©2021)

In the season 19 finale, we also learn that Parker turned in his partner for taking bribes. And suddenly, that money ended up in an off-shore account in Parker’s name. The partner also is dead.

Parker left with Viv at the end of the finale. They both worked together at the FBI. She seems to want to help her ex clear his name. But she also sent a text message that indicated she was working with the same people who kidnapped her to start the episode.

Does Sweeney still seem like it could be the evil terrorist?

“This could be a misdirection by the writers,” an NCIS fan posted. “Sweeney seems to be holding a grudge, but maybe not enough to warrant risking his career. But then, this is written by Hollywood writers for “drama”.”

NCIS fans, we’ll ask you to go to last summer’s musings about who blew up Gibbs’ boat. That was the season 18 cliffhanger. So many people guessed that it was Marcy, the journalist who was working with Gibbs as they chased a suspected serial killer. But that was an NCIS head fake. The serial killer was a hit man hired to take care of some folks who could block a copper mine in Alaska. So what seems like a cool clue in June probably doesn’t make it to late September. But that’s why we watch.