‘NCIS’ Fans Weigh In on Show’s Newest Relationship

by Suzanne Halliburton

NCIS fans, did you like the potential romantic coupling of Jess and Jimmy? This Monday’s episode offered a try out of what these two characters had to offer each other outside the office.

Now, with one more episode remaining in season 19, the NCIS social media account is teasing its fans about Jimmy and Jess. The Instagram team posted a photo of Jimmy (Brian Dietzen) and Jess (Katrina Law). The caption? “We don’t know what the future holds for these two, but we know what the people want!”

And there also was a question layered on top of the Jimmy/Jess photo, asking “Now that they are out of the woods, Palmer and Knight should …”

Of course, the post flushed out the social-media-friendly cast members. Dietzen wrote: The question is, do we give the people what they want?” Then Wilmer Valderamma, who plays Torres, answered “I ship.”

But before we get too far, speculating on a potential romance between the NCIS medical examiner and an agent, we probably should fall back on a Gibbs rule. One fan mentioned it. The rule is No. 12. “Never date a co-worker.” Oops. In 19 seasons. the agents certainly ignored that one.

Let’s circle back to that romantic/non-romantic unofficial date that happened Monday in the NCIS episode called “All or Nothing.” (Check out the Outsider recap here.) Jimmy volunteered to transport a liver from one hospital to another. And Jimmy was antsy about his first time as a transplant courier. So Jess volunteered to go with him on a six-hour road trip. Boy, did a simple car ride go off the rails.

Another doctor said he needed to go with the two. Then gunmen ambushed the three of them while they were driving along the highway. The other doctor was shot and killed, but Jimmy and Jess managed to escape through the woods. The armed men eventually find them and Jimmy took a bullet to the thigh. Jess cut out the bullet while the two talked about a potential relationship.

Jimmy and Jess talk about their potential relationship in the NCIS season 19 finale. (Michael Yarish/CBS ©2022)

Next up is the season 19 finale. From the plot tease, we know this will be an Alden Parker (Gary Cole) centric episode, with his ex-wife (Teri Polo) introduced as a recurring character. Romance has been a topic for finales. Each hour can’t all be about busting bad guys. This time a year ago, Bishop bid goodbye to Torres, ending a budding office romance as she took a deep undercover assignment. But that kiss! Fans swooned all summer. Then in season 13, DiNozzo said goodbye to his life at NCIS so he could go raise his daughter he had with Ziva. Even Gibbs wanted to break his own rule with Sloane.

As Monday’s episode ended, Jimmy and Jess were leaving the office. And Jess asked Jimmy out on a coffee date. It’s the way relationships start every day, although few have their roots in a shootout and DIY surgery.

“I can’t say too much about it,” Dietzen told Entertainment Tonight. “But I will say that Jimmy and Knight will talk a bit more in the finale. And we’ll see what direction things are going to be heading in. It’s not as though we’re going to leave the audience sitting in that elevator with Jimmy and Knight, wondering what the hell happens next. There will be more to come.”

So what do the fans think? Let’s check that Instagram post.

“If we don’t get Bishop and Torres,” one NCIS fan wrote. “The least we can get is Jimmy and Knight.” Another wrote “not sure for now, maybe stay friends and see what the future brings. At the same time, both deserve to be happy.”