‘NCIS’ Fans Wish This Character Got More Screen Time

by Alex Falls

NCIS is a certified TV jauggurnaut. Since the police procedural first hit our screens in 2003 fans haven’t been able to get enough. Season 20 is coming this fall, and spinoffs like NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: Hawai’i are still going strong as well.

NCIS fans are eagerly waiting for the next season to bow after the shocking plot twist in the previous season finale. All of the main characters from last season are set to return. Fans are also hoping for surprises with many hoping to see a return of Mark Harmon‘s Leroy Gibbs even in a small guest spot.

Over the show’s long and illustrious run, many characters have come and gone. Including characters like Gibbs who seemed destined to be part of the show for the long haul. Every cast member from the first episode of NCIS has since moved on. But the show carries on with newer characters that fans have taken to in their own right.

But there’s one character in particular that has stuck around since the first season that fans think is overlooked to this day in terms of screen time.

Cybercrime specialist Timothy McGee, played by Sean Murray, is a season one original. He debuted as a guest star in the eighth episode of the season before being promoted to a regular cast member in season two. He’s loved by fans because of his longevity. He’s even been lovingly nicknamed “Probie Wan-Kenobi”. But he’s essentially just a background player in the show’s overarching drama.

Fans on McGee

Some fans have voiced their desire to see him get more attention on the show. Recently fans engaged in a discussion on the show’s Subreddit to make their views of McGee’s shortage of storylines known.

“McGee can honestly be a fantastic character on the show. But they always seem to put him as the least important of the MCRT,” wrote one user before going on to highlight how he’s always been overshadowed by other series regulars.

Fellow Redditors agreed that McGee is underutilized. However, many acknowledged his shortage of screen time can simply come down to other characters being more popular. But many agree that McGee’s long tenure on NCIS makes him deserving of more significant storylines.

“McGee he has earned a better place in the show! I hate it when he is not an integral part of the show! I love McGee!!!” wrote a user echoing the sentiment that the senior agent deserves more.

Fans may argue McGee is not present in enough storylines. But he did receive a significant exploration of his backstory in season 16. The episode “Once Upon a Tim” features McGee returning to his old high school to investigate a murder.

Murray spoke to CinemaBlend when the episode aired to say how excited he was to dig deeper into McGee’s history. “I love to see and learn more about McGee. And to know that we are going to see a young McGee and visit his old high school and that sort of stuff was thrilling. I love when we explore things [and] the pasts of our characters, you know?”

Season 20 of NCIS debuts this fall. McGee will be back, but fans will have to wait to see how much we’ll see him in the latest mysteries.