‘NCIS’: Former Irish Gangster Featured On Show Turns Memoir Into TV Sitcom

by Shelby Scott

NCIS” has featured a vast array of guest stars over nearly two decades on the air. Some include Hollywood icon Jamie Lee Curtis and current “Chicago Fire” star David Eigenburg. However, no “NCIS” star has as intriguing a story as Edgar Proust actor Richie Stephens.

With roots as an Irish gangster, Stephens has since flipped his life around. After diverging from drugs, alcohol, and crime, he instead found fame in multiple procedural crime dramas. Now, though, he plans to release a memoir detailing his journey from a life of crime to life onscreen. In addition, the former “NCIS” star will take his tale from his tell-all book and turn it into a sitcom. 

As per Irish Central, Stephens describes his former self as a “drug trafficker, kidnapper, drug addict, alcoholic, and all-around criminal.”

The “NCIS” star’s memoir, entitled, The Gangster’s Guide to Sobriety: My Life in 12 Steps, details Stephen’s “descent into the abyss of crime.” The details lead up to a point where he seriously considered taking his own life. 

However, even the worst criminals can find redemption as we see in Richie Stephens’ memoir. Very shortly after considering suicide, the “NCIS” star instead found help. The memoir explores the gangster-turned-actor’s full story, through a darkly humorous, though fully inspiring, self account.

The inspiring tale is set to release next month on May 24th. However, Stephens, alongside “Silicon Valley” co-creators John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky, also plans to take the story to the big screen. 

In addition to “NCIS,” Variety reports Richie Stephens has starred in other crime shows like “Blue Bloods” and “Criminal Minds.” 

His resumé also includes features in “Days of Our Lives,” “MacGayver,” and “Major Crimes.”

Richie Stephens Speaks Out About His Personal Arc Following ‘NCIS’ Appearance

In releasing his upcoming memoir and ahead of efforts to turn it into a sitcom, Richie Stephens said, “Hopefully if people see that someone as f—ed up as me could change their life, then there is hope for anyone.” 

The marketing blurb detailing The Gangster’s Guide to Sobriety reads, “[Stephens’] life twisted and turned in harrowing self-destructive adventures that took him from his native Ireland to San Francisco, Australia, and finally, Los Angeles, coalescing into a classic tale of a man trying to run from his problems by moving to new and more exciting locations.” 

The “NCIS” guest star’s memoir promises to feature a fascinating narrative as the marketing description reveals, “[Richie Stephens] found that help comes in different forms, and oftentimes it just takes the right thought to hit at the right time for it all to make sense.” 

As to the TV sitcom, little news has been released regarding its progress. However, given the newness of the memoir, we likely have some time to pour through its pages before diving into the upcoming TV series.