‘NCIS: Hawaii’ Bosses Tease What’s in Store for Season 2

by Taylor Cunningham

NCIS: Hawaii is headed into its sophomore year this month. And creators Jan Nash and Christopher Sibler say we should “expect more of the same” great storylines that made the spinoff so successful the first time around.

The Vanessa Lachey-led series hit the ground running last fall and quickly became a favorite new addition to the NCIS franchise. When Season 2 premieres we’ll see a crossover event with its sister show. The opener will conclude the shared storyline and then delve back into the same type of sub-plots that we enjoyed last year. Because in Nash’s opinion, why fix what isn’t broken?

“We know what we like in the show,” she said. “And it was there in the episodes from last season. NCIS was kind enough to allow us to finish what was a pretty long arc for them and to loan us some really fun actors to be on our show. Chris and Megan [Bacharach] wrote the first crossover last year, and it was great. This one, I hope people will enjoy just as much.”

Expect to See Romance in ‘NCIS: Hawaii‘ Season 2

Aside from the concluding arc, we should see a lot of romance on the screen—for Lucy, Kate, and Jane.

Lucy and Kate have become a favorite couple of the series. And after a bit of drama last year, they’re heading into a more secure and traditional relationship. Kate’s actress, Tori Anderson, shared that the couple will be shown in a more “domestic light.”

 “It’s a happy, healthy environment — not like the first season, which was rather tumultuous,” she told TVLine.

And if Nash has anything to say about it, Jane will be enjoying a similar relationship with her love interest, Captain Joe. During the finale, he headed back to D.C., but the two alluded to trying to make a relationship work long-distance. The only thing standing in the way is Captain Joe’s actor Enver Gjokaj.

But even if Gjokaj can’t reprise his role, Nash is certain there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

“We certainly hope that Enver will be able to come back to us. He is working on another show, but we love him and we love his character, so we hope he will return … Jane is a beautiful 40-year-old woman, or however old Vanessa [Lachey] is. I don’t actually know. She’s a beautiful woman and deserves to have a love life,” she said. “She is going to have one in some form or another.”

And finally, Nash and Sibler teased that the cast of recurring actors will be making plenty more appearances this time around. So we don’t need to worry about getting to know a new list of characters.

NCIS: Hawaii returns on September 19th on CBS at 10 pm CT.