‘NCIS: Hawai’i’: Finale Ends with One Happy Couple and World Peace

by Suzanne Halliburton

In the season one finale of NCIS: Hawai’i, we learned the key call came from inside the house. Better yet, the bomb was detonated by someone in an important meeting.

All that was on the line in this two-part finale was world peace. But someone seemed to be sabotaging plans to keep the peace at every turn. Someone killed both prisoners involved in an exchange meant to maintain relationships between the United States and Russia. A freed American journalist suffered a seizure and died of a strange poison on a military transport plane back to Hawaii. Meanwhile, a freed Russian spy died the same way on his plane ride back home. Again, he was surrounded by security, but somehow the spy died.

It didn’t take long for Jane Tennant and her NCIS: Hawai’i agents to figure out that the killer was a Canadian-born doctor living in Manila. The person known as “Silver Moon” on the dark web hired the doctor.

Meanwhile. Capt. Joe Milius was in charge of an entity called “The Group,” which was trying back door negotiations to keep peace between the U.S. and Russia. Members of the group were meeting in Hawaii. Silver Moon was trying to keep the meeting from happening.

The NCIS: Hawai’i thought the guy in control was Babin. And they tracked him to the meeting site. Jesse shot him, but there was an apparent dead man’s switch on a bomb and the building blew up as Tennant and her team were trying to get everyone to evacuate.

In NCIS: Hawai’i season ne finale, the bad guy turned out to be McIntyre, who was a member of The Group. (Karen Neal/CBS ©2022

But Babin’s detonator was a dummy one. Someone else set off the bomb. But who? Turns out Silver Moon was Colin McIntyre, a member of “The Group.” In reality, he didn’t want peace, but more money. He was an arms dealer. Boom Boom, the NCIS: Hawai’i explosives expert, figured out that McIntyre set off the bomb with his watch. Case solved.

Very similar to the NCIS: Hawai’i premiere last fall, the finale ended with a party at Jane’s house. Everyone was there and in a jovial mood. Kai brought his dad, best friend and the family dog. Milius showed up to see Jane. He really wants to start a relationship with Jane. But she nixes those plans because he lives in Washington, D.C. But the two hold hands and opt to enjoy their time together until Joe flies home.

Surely, There Will Be a Grand Gesture

Sadly, Lucy was outside, brooding, as she checked the door to see who was coming and going. Obviously, she was hoping Whistler would show.

Remember back in part one of the finale, when Kai said his favorite movie was Say Anything? John Cusack’s character carried a boombox and sang a song by Peter Gabriel underneath the window of Ione Skye. Let’s repeat that scene, but tweak it a bit.

Whistler walks up to the party and begins singing Garth Brooks “To Make You Feel My Love.” (It also was the love song in Hope Floats.)

“I’m singing for you because talking hasn’t worked,” Whistler tells Lucy. “But I love you. I don’t know how to prove it. … I’ll do it right this time.”

Lucy tells her to shut up, then they kiss as everyone cheers. And truthfully, most every NCIS: Hawai’i fan cheered, too. They wanted their favorite couple to reconcile. And that’s it for season one.