‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ Showrunners Hint at Potential Appearances From ‘New Orleans’ and ‘Los Angeles’ Stars

by Taylor Cunningham

NCIS: Hawai’i will open its sophomore year with another NCIS crossover event. But while the flagship series is the only one to intermingle with the newest franchise edition, it’s not the only one that creators Jan Nash and Christopher Sibler are considering for future crossovers.

During an exclusive interview with Popculture, the duo admitted that they’d love to combine Hawai’i with all of the NCIS series if possible, even NOLA, which concluded last year.

“I’ll speak for myself, but Jan’s heard me say it 7,000 times. I am happy to crossover with any show, anywhere, anytime. Of course, we’d love to work with LA,” Silber said.

Nash and Sibler also shared that they are “always open” to bringing retired NCIS: New Orleans characters aboard if the opportunity ever presents itself.

Sibler has worked on all of the NCIS series but Los Angeles. So he already had a working relationship with many of the cast and crew members that work on the sister shows. And working out guest character arcs and special cameos has already proven to be an easy task for him.

However, he’s been careful to give Hawai’i its own unique vibe and place within the franchise. That way, it can stand the test of time like the original show, which is almost two decades old, and Los Angeles, which is heading into its 15th season.

‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ Bosses Want the Series to Be ‘its Own Thing’

So while both of the bosses said that they’d do a “crossover with any show that wants to crossover with” them, they’re careful not to rely too heavily on the parallel NCIS worlds.

“I think that we had a very strong interest in really doing something that felt like it was a part of the franchise, but its own thing,” Nash explained. “So it really was less about [making it stand on its own] than just really having a sense that, in the same way, that New Orleans had been a show that had really honored what was great about the city of New Orleans, we wanted to make a show that was true to what was great about Hawaii. Just by virtue of putting it in Hawaii, it was going to be a different show than any of the others.”

And the series has managed to pull that off in a short amount of time. Hawai’i initially set itself apart by giving the lead role to a woman for the first time in franchise history. Then, they jumped into storylines that showcase love, loss, mystery—and endless action.

Moving into Season 2, we can expect to see the characters keep living the lives we’ve come to love. So we’re fairly certain that the series will keep moving forward with the same force as its predecessors.

“We know what we like in the show,” Nash told Looper. “And it was there in the episodes from last season.