‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ Showrunners Reveal Plans To Integrate Kate Into the Team

by Suzanne Halliburton

When you flip on season two of NCIS: Hawai’i for season two, expect to see Kate Whistler as more than just a Lucy love interest.

She had some involvement with working cases with the NCIS agents in season one. But as a rep from DIA, Kate (Tori Anderson) was more about maintaining kind of a wall of secrecy than cooperation. She’s now an FBI agent assigned to NCIS Pearl Harbor. Expect to see more of Kate in the field. Plus. she’ll no doubt get along better with everyone else, so long as she and Lucy are in a healthy relationship.

NCIS: Hawai’i fans got to know Kate through Lucy in season one. (Karen Neal/CBS ©2022 CBS)

Look for Kate to Be Working with Agents More on NCIS: Hawai’i Season 2

Chris Silber, an NCIS: Hawai’i showrunner, acknowledged the gradual change with Kate during a recent interview with TV Insider.com. And the writers told the story with Lucy as the plot conduit.

“We brought her in, she was always sort of this outsider, someone who was a bit of a foil to our team,” Silber said. “And we gradually adjusted that through Season one, having her transfer to become an FBI agent from [the] DIA and learn what it’s like to be in the field.

“For us, introducing her through Lucy and having her adjust through her relationship with Lucy was step one. And step two is integrating her into the team, into the family that is our team — even though she’s an FBI agent — [and] really starting to see her hold her own place amongst the others. (She’s) not just as the one Lucy’s with but someone who is recognized as a contributing member, even as extended family of the team.”

But Jan Nash, another NCIS: Hawai’i showrunner, promised it wouldn’t be a complete merger with NCIS and the FBI.

“We are at various moments alluding to the jurisdictional issues and there are those,” Nash said. “NCIS and the FBI are not the same organizations. They do have different responsibilities. There will be some of that friction. But we do want each of the people doing casework on the show to have unique points of view on the way you pursue a case.”

Ernie, the NCIS: Hawai’i computer specialist, helped push Kate towards a Grand Gesture in the season one finale. (Karen Neal/CBS ©2022)

Ultimately, Jane Tennant Is the Boss

Nash then clicked off the NCIS: Hawai’i hierarchy.

“Ultimately, Jane Tennant is responsible for the cases that will be shown for the most part, because they will always be NCIS cases,” Nash said. “It’s possible that we will have cases that will fall in other jurisdictions and that can create different complications. But at the end of the day, they do report to different people and Tennant has to be responsible for her group and Whistler is outside that, though we don’t want inter-jurisdictional fighting.

“That’s, for the most part, pretty dull. Hopefully as it goes, we’ll continue to grow that relationship with Tennant and the team and it’ll just be about the personalities of the people rather than where they work.

Anderson was a recurring character in NCIS: Hawai’i season one. She appeared in 16 of the 23 episodes. So we’ll see whether Anderson’s Kate’s screen time improves as she becomes more comfortable with the others in the office.