NCIS: Hawai’i Star Tori Anderson Talks Singing Garth Brooks and the ‘Grand Gesture’ Finale Scene

by Suzanne Halliburton

The NCIS: Hawai’i season one finale hit just the right note, especially that one musical scene between the couple they call “Kacy,” known in real life as Tori Anderson and Yasmine Al-Bustami.

Anderson’s Kate desired a “grand gesture” to reconcile with Al-Bustami’s Lucy. And Kate, the NCIS: Hawai’i FBI liaison, relied on a scene from Say Anything. Except she didn’t hold up a boom box and play Peter Gabriel. Rather, Kate borrowed from “Hope Floats” and Garth Brooks love song “To Make You Feel My Love.” Adele also included the cover in her debut album. And we should probably credit Bob Dylan, who wrote the song in 1997.

And Kate’s gesture worked. When NCIS: Hawai’i premieres, Sept. 19, we’ll see how the relationship between Kate and Lucy progressed since the end of season one.

Anderson recently talked with TV Insider about that key scene in the NCIS: Hawai’i finale. She explained its origins and her initial reaction.

“That came as a bit of a shock. I got a phone call before the script was released from [writer] Matt Bosack, and he just said, “This is what we’re thinking, do you have any feelings about this?” Anderson said.

Bosack “wanted to just open up the conversation around it.” Anderson said. “I was quite nervous, but very excited for Kate to finally make a move that was kind of a Say Anything moment that was laying it all on the line. Because throughout the season, she kept trying and trying and trying and had no luck. I think this was her final attempt, and thank goodness it worked. It was really exciting. I think no one wanted to hear that song because I sang it so many times on set. But it was a blast and I’m very happy that they’re back together.”

NCIS: Hawai’i fans fell in love with Kate and Lucy in the series premiere. That’s the first time the two kissed. (Karen Neal/CBS)

Jason Antoon’s Ernie was trying to get the two characters together. The women had broken up earlier in the season, but Ernie could tell they needed to reconcile. But when Kate started singing, Ernie told her he never meant for her to be so literal with the grand gesture.

“I know, it’s so funny,” she said. “I know people that take things at face value and take things literally. (And) I love that Kate does that. When she hears something, it’s almost like, in a sense, a direct order. Jason is so fun to play off of and he’s been such a Kacy supporter, in both Lucy and Kate’s corners throughout their relationship, trying to get them to reconcile. I think it’s fun for him to play and I love to watch him all the time. He’s hilarious.”

We’re not sure if there will be much time for romance in the season two NCIS: Hawai’i premiere. The series is doing a two-hour crossover with NCIS, the OG show. Katrina Law (Jess) and Wilmer Valderrama (Torres) head to Hawaii for the second hour, as everyone tracks down The Raven.

But according to Anderson, “Kacy” will start the season on a happy note. So stay tuned!