‘NCIS: Hawai’i’s Vanessa Lachey Clarifies ‘Love Is Blind’ Body Diversity Comments

by Samantha Whidden

Clearing the air of any confusion about the comments she made in a recent interview, “NCIS: Hawai’i” leading lady, Vanessa Lachey clarifies her “Love Is Blind” body diversity comments. 

During an interview with Insider, Vanessa Lachey stated that “Love Is Blind” doesn’t feature diverse bodies because contestants are insecure. “Their whole life they’ve been so insecure about being themselves because of this crazy swipe generation that we are in and this cat fishing world that we’re in,” Lachey explained. “That they’re so afraid to be themselves. 

Although she’s not part of the casting process for the show, Vanessa Lachey said she knows that “Love Is Blind” and Netflix gives people with diverse bodies a “fair shot” when it comes to casting. “I wonder if they truly don’t have enough time in those two weeks to find themselves, A, and then be themselves to then find that spouse,” she noted. 

When asked about increasing diversity in “Love Is Blind” would be to allow different body types or include the LGBTQ community, Vanessa Lachey shared some thoughts. “If you think about if you did just women, then it wouldn’t be separate quarters, it would just be one big house of everybody out for themselves, I guess. And you did the men, it would be the same.”

Vanessa Lachey Addresses Confusion About Her ‘Love Is Blind’ Casting Comments

Some media outlets have reported what Vanessa Lachey said in the interview and how she was creating a negative narrative about women and body images for the Netflix show. However, Lachey says there was a different perspective on what she really meant with her comments in the interview. The “NCIS: Hawai’i” took to Twitter to address the comments and share what she really meant by them. 

“I want to clarify recent clickbait headlines that used my answer in an interview to create a negative narrative around women and body images“When asked my opinion on the subject of diversity and casting on ‘Love is Blind’ and why more diversity isn’t at the altar I stated, ‘I almost wonder if there’s something that happens in communication… If they’ve been.. so insecure about themselves because of this crazy swipe generation that we are in and this catfishing world that we’re in.”

Lachey adds that she was speaking generally about dating apps’ impact on society. She then said how dating apps may be hurting self-esteem. “The endless swiping and people pretending to be who they are not.”

The “NCIS: Hawai’i” castmate further noted that she never associates anyone’s body type with how far they would make it on “Love Is Blind”. Or if they ended up at the altar. “These headlines go against everything I am, everything I stand for, [and] everything I represent.”