‘NCIS’: Is Alden Parker Actor Gary Cole Married?

by Suzanne Halliburton

The last we saw of Alden Parker on NCIS was when he and his ex-wife, Viv, sped away from D.C. in a vintage Mercedes as Bon Jovi’s Runaway blasted through the stereo system.

Gary Cole, as Parker, finished up his first season of NCIS with a personal cliffhanger. Is he guilty of murder? Is Viv someone who really investigates unexplained phenomena for the government? Or is she far more sinister and capable of murder while setting up her own kidnapping. Yes, there’s lots of drama awaiting Parker when NCIS rolls out season 20 sometime this fall. For now, it’s complicated for Alden Parker, who replaced Leroy Jethro Gibbs as special agent in charge.

That brings us to the 65-year-old Gary Cole. What’s his marriage situation like in real life? Well, technically, he’s a newlywed. Last August, he married interior designer Michelle Knapp. So summer of 2021 was a special season. He got married and he became part of NCIS, one of the most popular shows in TV history.

Michelle Knapp and Gary Cole (Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

Technically, Cole also was a widower before he married Knapp. Why? He and his first wife, Teddi Siddall married in 1992. They had a daughter named Mary. But Siddall filed for divorce in June, 2017. Eight months later, she died at the age of 64. Their divorce never finalized.

If you’re a big fan of Happy Days, the classic TV staple, you might recall Siddall. She appeared in four episodes. All of her episodes were in he post-Ron Howard phase of Happy Days. Her first appearance came in December, 1980, when Happy Days introduced Roger (Ted McGinley) as Mrs. C’s nephew. Siddall portrayed Lucille Scarabatza. Siddall then played a character named Hillary for three episodes, including a two-parter called “Home Movies.” That’s when Joanie filmed a home movie to send to brother Richie, who was stationed overseas.

NCIS agents, season 19 (Robert Voets/CBS)

Now, let’s get back to Cole. He’s part of the cast of The Bob’s Burgers Movie. It had the distinction of opening the same weekend as Top Gun: Maverick. Cole voiced the character of Sgt. Bosco.

Cole was a well-known character actor before he accepted the leading role of Alden Parker on NCIS. He became the subject of so many memes when he portrayed tone-deaf, kind-of-sadistic boss Bill Lumbergh in Office Space. The 1999 movie caught fire when it hit rental stores. He also portrayed Mike Brady in three movies that satirized The Brady Bunch. He also played recurring characters on TV series like Suits, Veep and The Good Fight.

Now, he’s the special agent in charge at NCIS who replaced the beloved Gibbs (Mark Harmon). Even with the departure of Harmon and a move to Monday nights, NCIS still remained near the top of scripted dramas. Only Yellowstone topped the series. And now there’s a season-ending cliffhanger wrapped around Parker. Gary Cole truly has arrived on NCIS.