‘NCIS’ Star Katrina Law Shares Behind-the-Scenes Footage With the Crew

by Shelby Scott

We’re just days away from the season finale of “NCIS” Season 19. But, while we’re sad to say goodbye to the beloved cast before their summer hiatus, series star Katrina Law took a moment to take fans behind the scenes where she let us have a sneak peek at her stunt double’s action sequence. Check it out.

“I do all my own stunts…” the “NCIS” star teased, though the clip had viewers laughing as she captured her stunt double, Tamiko Brownlee, shooting a fight scene in the background over her shoulder. Always a good sport though, Katrina Law gave the stuntwoman credit, adding, “Except when @tamikobrownlee does them all for me.”

The humorous clip shows Katrina Law playfully adjusting her and exaggeratingly locked in on her appearance while we hear Brownlee and her opponent throwing fists and grunting in the background. Other photos show the “NCIS” star alongside her stunt double, the two women boasting the same red mark on their forehead and the same business casual outfits.

Fans shared their love for both Tamiko and Katrina Law in the comments.

“Ummmm you BOTH killed that!!” one fan wrote. “Dream team!!”

Another commented, “Love this! Tamiko is the best!” while others observed, “Insane how much your stunt double looks like you. She could be your twin sister. Badass team!”

“NCIS” fans can catch Katrina Law’s exciting stunt on Monday night when the season finale airs on CBS during its usual 9 p.m. timeslot.

‘NCIS’s Brian Dietzen Teases More to Come for His and Katrina Law’s Onscreen Romance

While fans of Katrina Law’s Special Agent Jessica Knight prepare for an exciting night of stunts, that’s not all the excitement awaiting her character. The penultimate episode of “NCIS” earlier this week put a lens on her character and that of her costar Brian Dietzen. The episode, entitled “Liver Let Die,” saw the two characters address their budding romance as Agent Knight and Jimmy Palmer became involved in an organ delivery gone wrong.

Although the duo’s romance won’t see too much development during next week’s finale, “NCIS” star Brian Dietzen shared during an interview with Entertainment Weekly that writers definitely plan to further work that relationship.

“I can’t say too much about it,” he admitted. “But I will say that Jimmy and Knight will talk a bit more in the finale. And we’ll see what direction things are going to be heading in.”

He further promised, “It’s not as though we’re going to leave the audience sitting in that elevator with Jimmy and Knight wondering what the hell happens next.”

That said, the “NCIS” star also spoke about his close friendship with Katrina Law.

“Ever since Katrina joined the show,” he said, “we’ve really enjoyed having scenes together.” In regard to the show’s writers, Dietzen added, “they’ve given us some great scenes together too.”

Overall, he concluded, “[Katrina Law’s] a wonderful actor and we’re lucky to have her.”