‘NCIS’ Star Katrina Law Speaks Out About Her Favorite ‘Post-Gibbs’ Scene

by Taylor Cunningham

When Mark Harmon’s Leroy Gibbs walked away from the team on NCIS, fans and castmembers both feared that he’d leave a giant hole in the series. But as star Katrina Law said, it didn’t take long for everyone to realize that the characters were a “family” with or without their sage leader. And she remembers exactly when she understood that.

“My favorite script so far is the one where we are all in a boat. That was the first time post-Gibbs that you saw the team come together to become what we are now, ” she told Parade. “It was the first time that Alden Parker accepted us and claimed us as his own and put himself at risk for his team.”

“I think that was a huge moment for the show going forward because it showed, ‘Yes, we are a team. We care about each other and, eventually, we are all going to love each other as a dysfunctional little family,’” she continued.

Gibbs’ final NCIS appearance came in the episode titled Great Wide Open. The story found the team tracking serial killer Paul Lemere to Alaska. After a dramatic chase, they arrested Lemere, and everyone made plans on returning home. But Gibbs realized that Alaska was where he is meant to be.

During an emotional scene, Gibbs went flyfishing with McGee in his typical father-like fashion. And he revealed to McGee that he wasn’t going back to Washington D.C. He admitted that Alaska had given him a sense of peace that he hadn’t felt since losing his wife and daughter. And he wasn’t “ready to let it go.”

Aldean Parker ended up taking Gibbs’ spot as the headquarter’s lead agent. And after taking some time to adjust, fans learned to accept him. Though, most still hold out hope that Gibbs will make a cameo in the future.

However, some people were disappointed with Gibbs’ sendoff. And they got into the topic via Reddit shortly after his exit.

‘NCIS’ Fans Wish Gibb Had a More ‘Climactic’ Send Off

“Anyone else wish Gibbs’ leaving woulda been a little more climactic?” u/ezaph asked.

Dozens of people jumped in to share their own displeasure. Several fans thought that after 18 years at the helm, he deserved something more heartfelt. Because of his constant “introspection,” he should have had a less abrupt ending.

However, nearly everyone was happy that he got a “peaceful” ending. Most fans believed he suffered enough torture during the series. And they were content with the fact that Gibbs was able to reconcile his pain.

But the overwhelming consensus was that everyone was thrilled that the writers didn’t kill him off. That way, no one had to suffer a great loss. And more importantly, it gives the actor the chance to come back to the screen.

“I personally think that it’s nice that he isn’t dead so he could come back part-time,” wrote u/jarret432. “Also, they finally are letting him have some peace that he hasn’t had since his family’s death.”