‘NCIS’: Maggie Clark Actress Alice Krige Says Ducky Romance ‘Wasn’t To Be’

by Samantha Whidden

Years after her departure from “NCIS,” actress Alice Krige spoke about the relationship between her character Maggie Clark and Ducky. 

According to Express, during her “NCIS” appearance in 2014, Ducky (David McCallum) reconnected with Alice Krige’s Maggie. In a flashback, the two end up sharing a kiss. However, Maggie was engaged to Ducky’s friend, Angus Clarke (Adam Croadell) and the kiss ruined his friendship. However, Maggie ended up marrying Angus after all. Duck moved to America and joined NCIS. 

Ducky, now part of the NCIS team, ended up going to London to find out what happened to Angus following his former friend’s death. Ducky was able to save Maggie and solve the case. But the duo never made it work. Alice Krige spoke about the relationship by stating, Certainly, that was what Ducky hoped. I think [McCallum] wanted it for the character of Ducky. He really, really hoped that they would be able to spin it out into a story that fulfilled that promise. Well, it didn’t work out that way. But it was wonderful working with them.”

Alice Krige Talks Return to the ‘NCIS’ Set

Along with speaking about the relationship between her character and Ducky, Alice Krige said she would love to return to the “NCIS” sometime. “It would have been absolutely lovely,” she said. She further spoke about her time on the set with the show’s cast. “But they were quite exceptional, they really, really welcomed me. They went out of their way to make me feel part of the process and absolutely embraced by the group. It was really lovely, so I really enjoyed doing it.”

In regards to how she approached playing her “NCIS” character, Krige added, “All you can do is have a very clear or imbedded gut feeling of who she is and her path through this, what happens to her and how she responds. It’s more than just having an idea. It’s like you’ve got to be able to go in there, inside her skin, because if you don’t you won’t fulfill half of what you wanted to.”

David McCallum Spoke About His Time on ‘NCIS’ 

During an interview with Buzzymag in 2013, David McCallum reflected on his time on the “NCIS” set. “I like the job, and what I like about it is, if there was anything about it that I didn’t like, we would sit down and talk about what we could do to improve Ducky or take him down another angle, and I wouldn’t suggest anything, because the writers have such wonderful minds, they come up with great stories for everybody and they would take care of it.”

McCallum also said that being part of “NCIS” was like being a part of a family. “I just love the family. I couldn’t be luckier.”