‘NCIS’: Narrowing Down Season 20’s Premiere Date

by Shelby Scott

The season 19 finale of NCIS aired about a month ago, which means we’re edging nearer to the drama’s 20th season. So far, the network has not revealed the premiere date for NCIS‘s brand new season. However, with a little research, we’ve narrowed down when we might expect the first all-new episode to air.

More than likely, we should expect NCIS to return at some point in September; this has been the schedule since the pilot launched way back in 2003. But, thanks to Web News Observer, we have a better idea of when exactly in September season 20 could premiere.

According to the outlet, each new season of NCIS has aired on the dates between September 19th and September 28th. Last year’s season premiere date was September 20th. That means it’s likely NCIS will air its next new episode on September 19th rather than the later option, which is September 26th.

Regardless of which dates the all-new season airs, however, we can at least expect NCIS to return to its usual timeslot following last year’s change. When the 2021-2022 season began, the crime show moved from its spot on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. to Monday nights at 9 p.m.

Additionally, the franchise’s newest spinoff, NCIS: Hawai’i, is also set to return with a new season, again holding the 10 p.m. timeslot on Monday nights, immediately following its flagship show.

‘NCIS’ Fans Think Parker’s Old Boss is The Raven

Before the NCIS team’s leader Alden Parker became framed for murder, they’d already been pursuing a criminal known as The Raven. However, as we watched the finale, it appears the culprit could be responsible for Parker’s framing as well. Now, as we anxiously await the premiere of season 20, plenty of NCIS fans think they know the identity of The Raven, with many pointing to the former FBI agent’s old boss, Deputy Director Wayne Sweeney.

Sure, Sweeney works for the FBI, but if we do eventually learn that he’s The Raven, it wouldn’t be the first time in NCIS history that a federal law enforcement officer went rogue. Fans of the long-running show took to Reddit to share their theories.

“I’m beginning to think Sweeney is the culprit for this whole thing,” one NCIS fan began. They cited the FBI deputy director’s anger toward Parker at having not arrested former Special Agent Gibbs in Alaska, not to mention some out-of-pocket comments. They explained, “some of his remarks (such as saying he ‘accidentally’ fired Parker for not arresting Gibbs which is completely BS and his ‘misspoken’ comments) sounds pretty suspicious to me.”

Several other fans were in agreement with the claim.

“Came here just to say this,” another NCIS fan proclaimed. “[M]y money is on Sweeney being the Raven. He has the history with Parker, the ability to control Parker’s ex-wife and a grudge against Parker.”

Alas, we’ll simply have to tune in to find out when NCIS returns at the end of September.