‘NCIS’: Are Palmer and Knight Headed Toward a Breakup in Season 20

by Shelby Scott

NCIS concluded its 19th season back in May and over the last few months, some of the biggest questions following the finale are, who is the Raven and what comes next for Special Agent Alden Parker? Parker became framed at the end of last season for a murder he did not commit and many NCIS fans believe it’s the season-long villain the Raven that has set him up. However, aside from the ongoing murder investigation, the next big question plaguing our thoughts is, will medical examiner Jimmy Palmer and Special Agent Jessica Knight officially commit to a relationship? One infamous Leroy Jethro Gibbs rule suggests it’s not ideal.

Does Rule #12 Stand Between Special Agent Knight and Jimmy Palmer?

NCIS fans know that the now-retired Special Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon) has a long list of rules—a mix of professional and personal mottos and values. However, one of the most frequently cited, especially early on in the series, is Rule #12: “Never date a coworker.”

As we’ve seen across nearly two decades of NCIS, our favorite agents rarely ever follow that rule. The departed characters Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo are the most prominent example, however, ultimately, things seem eventually worked out in both characters’ favor. That said, other workplace pairings haven’t been as successful. Now, Palmer and Knight appear to be the next NCIS duo to break Rule #12.

Jessica Knight didn’t work with Gibbs long before the character made his exit early on last season. However, Palmer, a longtime friend and coworker to the stonefaced agent, highly respects Gibbs, and it’s likely that, given the lack of success other coworkers have seen in dating, Express suggests the potential couple might just break things off before they even begin. Be sure to tune in on Monday, September 19th at 9 p.m. EST to see what comes next for Jess and Palmer.

This is Katrina Law’s Favorite Post-Gibbs ‘NCIS’ Scene:

Katrina Law may be one of the newest cast members on NCIS, however, both the actress and her character have quickly established a close bond with the cast and crew. Now, ahead of the milestone season 20 finale, the Jessica Knight actress is speaking out about her favorite NCIS scene post-Gibbs.

“My favorite script so far is the one where we are all in a boat,” Law previously said. “That was the first time post-Gibbs that you saw the team come together to become what we are now.”

She more specifically said of the new special agent in charge, played by Gary Cole, “It was the first time that Alden Parker accepted us and claimed us as his own and put himself at risk for his team.”

The NCIS star stated that the scene was a “huge moment” as it reshaped the dynamic of the cast and characters moving forward, while still portraying them as a “dysfunctional little family.”