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‘NCIS’ Pushes First Three-Show Crossover Event Back: Here’s the New Airdate

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images)

Bad news, folks. The much-anticipated NCIS universe crossover event has been postponed.

The major episodes were slotted to air on Monday, January 2. But CBS announced during its coverage of the National Christmas Tree Lighting that it would instead drop one week later—on Jan. 9.

“We are so excited to finally have the long-awaited, first-ever NCISverse crossover to share with our passionate, loyal viewers. The popularity, longevity, and continued success of the franchise is a testament to the immense talent of the casts and writing and producing teams who bring these shows to life,” Amy Reisenbach, executive vice president of current programs at CBS, shared.

They came up with a thrilling story for this epic three-hour event that creatively brings all three teams together for fans to enjoy in one night and beyond,” she continued.

Why the crossover event moved dates is unclear. But NCIS: Los Angeles normally airs on Sunday nights. And the sister shows play on Mondays. So the network may have had difficulties with the logistics.

The Three-Hour ‘NCIS’ Crossover Event Will Kickoff in D.C. and Close in LA

The event will open with an NCIS episode titled Too Many Cooks. In it, the agents from Washington D.C., Hawai’i, and Los Angeles meet to celebrate the retirement of a well-respected FLETC instructor. But the night before the celebration, they learn that he died in an apparent suicide.

The teams quickly determine that foul play was involved, and they set out to find a mysterious hitman.

The story will continue in an NCIS: Hawai’i installment called Deep Fake when someone kidnaps Agents Jane Tennant, Sam Hanna (NCIS: LA), and Jimmy Palmer (NCIS). And they find themselves trapped with a CIA agent who needs intel.

Parker (NCIS) joins Tennant’s team to investigate. And they find something in the Aloha state that they believe is linked to multiple assassinations. NCIS: Los Angeles‘ Chris O’Donnell is also a guest star.

The three-hour saga closes out with an NCIS: LA episode named A Long Time Coming. Agents Roundtree and Fatima helm the finale as they search for Kilbride, who goes missing in action. During their hunt, they make the shocking discovery on the dark web that each member of the NCIS teams has a $200,000 bounty on their head.

Gary Cole and Wilmer Valderrama (NCIS) and Vanessa Lachey and Yasmine Al-Bustami (NCIS: Hawai’i‘) also join the closure.