‘NCIS’ Reveals Major Season 20 Update

by Shelby Scott

Season 19 of NCIS was rough for fans and cast members alike. The previous season saw the departure of longtime star Emily Wickersham and the early episodes of season 19 bid goodbye to cast mainstay Mark Harmon. So, when NCIS was renewed for its 20th season amid mass uncertainty, fans collectively shared a sigh of relief. Now, we can breathe even easier. On Thursday, the CBS drama’s social media pages officially confirmed that NCIS is back in business; production for season 20 is now a go. Check out the post below.

“Miss us?” NCIS teased fans. “We’ve got good news.” Images from the post show some of our favorite stars on set, including Wilmer Valderrama, Sean Murray, and Brian Dietzen. Their smiles indicate filming is going well and that season 20’s premiere date will be here sooner than we think.

“[W]e can’t wait to have this team back on our screens,” the post continued, with plenty of NCIS fans taking to the comments to share their own excitement.

“I can’t wait to watch it,” one fan wrote, while another said, “say the line[,] say the line[,] ‘Grab your gear.'”

Other NCIS fans shared their hopes for a potential Gibbs return. Another concerned fan asked for confirmation that the agency’s fictional director Leon Vance will return.

Explore ‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama’s Newest Project

Aside from NCIS, series star Wilmer Valderrama has an extremely packed schedule. He doesn’t only portray NCIS Special Agent Nick Torres as part of the agency’s Washington DC-based team. He will also fill the role of Zorro in Disney’s upcoming new series while simultaneously reprising his role as Fez in Netflix‘s That ’70s Show reboot, That ’90s Show. Now, as if his schedule wasn’t packed enough, the NCIS star has added another major project to his to-do list.

Per Deadline, the Nick Torres actor has partnered up with NBCUniversal executive John Pollak in launching Allied Management Group. According to the outlet, the new organization aims to partner, collaborate, and represent new and existing Latinos.

In speaking about the major project, Pollak said, “Latino talent has traditionally been relegated to the Latin American arm of major Hollywood companies.” Comparatively, the NCIS star’s newest endeavor aims to help advocate for and discover new Latino voices. Specifically, the NBCUniversal executive explained that their joint mission is to create content that targets the “200% demographic.” This refers to those individuals who see themselves as both 100% Latino and 100% American.

In a separate interview, NCIS’s Wilmer Valderrama spoke about his own experience as a Latino-American actor and how his perceptions of himself helped him find success in the industry.

“I just saw myself as an actor in a sea of actors. And I think that gave me the edge in knowing that if they did it, I could do it too.”