‘NCIS’ Season 19 Finale Preview Reveals Shocking New Storyline

by Shelby Scott

There have been a lot of shocking changes and plots across “NCIS” Season 19. And while for weeks, we’ve known the team’s new boss, Special Agent Alden Parker, would be become framed for murder, we now have an official peek at the “NCIS” finale’s promo. Check it out below.

As per TV Insider, the upcoming season finale, titled “Birds of a Feather,” will see the team put both their jobs and lives on the line to get at the truth of the crime. However, as we see in the promo, the “NCIS” special agents are definitely considering all the factors.

“We need you to come back with us to NCIS, as a murder suspect,” longtime special agent Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) says to Parker. The next frame shows Gary Cole’s character in disbelief.

Additionally, Katrina Law’s Special Agent Jessica Knight casts doubt on Parker. Is he actually capable of murder?

“There’s a lot about Parker we don’t know,” she says in the clip. Interestingly, considering Torres’s initial distrust of the former FBI agent, we don’t hear from the team’s third member. Perhaps that means he’ll play a crucial part in the investigation. I suppose we’ll have to tune in Monday, May 23rd to find out.

Aside from Parker’s involvement in the murder case, we also get a brief look at actress Teri Polo as Parker’s ex-wife and DOD paranormal investigator, Vivian Kolchak.

Ahead of the finale, “NCIS” executive producer Steven D. Binder teased, “We push things pretty far.” He explained that for the person behind the crime, “[it’s better for] Parker [to be] disgraced rather than killed. When he feels the system is being used against him, he’s going to do what he’s going to do.”

‘NCIS’ Star Brian Dietzen Speaks to His Character’s Potential New Romance Ahead of Finale

While all eyes turn to Special Agent Parker during the “NCIS” season 19 finale, we’re also taking a closer look at a brand new storyline. And ahead of the season’s conclusion, series star Brian Dietzen is speaking to his character’s blossoming new romance.

The penultimate episode of “NCIS’s” 19th season saw Dietzen’s Jimmy Palmer and Law’s Jessica Knight potentially ignite a brand new romance. Unfortunately, we won’t really get to see too much of “NCIS’s” newest relationship ahead of the season 9 finale. However, Dietzen did share some details regarding that character dynamic.

“It won’t be another six or seven episodes before they address this thing again,” the Jimmy Palmer actor shared with TV Insider. He explained, “Sometimes we have a lot of stories to tell, so you can’t quite get back to like, what happened at that wedding? Did they connect, or did they not?”

Although we won’t see any more sparks between Jimmy and Jessica Knight, we will, fortunately, get to see that dynamic develop into the new season. Dietzen added, “We’re not leaving the audience high and dry on where the heck is this thing going? We’re gonna be choosing a direction before the end of this episode.”