‘NCIS’ Season 19 Finale: Why Katrina Law Needed a Stunt Double for the Episode

by Shelby Scott

As we saw in the season 18 finale, “NCIS” showrunners take no issue in dealing out some pretty explosive endings. Now, ahead of the Season 19 finale, “NCIS” actress Katrina Law dished out the scoop on her role. She recently teased fans that the finale will see her pair off with a stunt double for what could be yet another shocking end.

While speaking with TVLine about the anticipated episode, Katrina Law revealed, “Apparently I have a stunt double [for the season finale].” She added, “[It] always bodes well for good, fun action.”

No doubt, that means Jessica Knight, not to mention the rest of the “NCIS” team, will see some major excitement. Unfortunately, the season 19 regular had little else to say about her stunt double. She also revealed little else about her role in the upcoming episode or the plot for the season finale overall. And she did not reveal exactly why she needed a stunt double. But, during her time with TVLine, Katrina Law did tease that “NCIS” fans should expect a “big, huge, surprise ending.”

However, as Express points out, that isn’t always, necessarily, a good thing. As fans well remember, “NCIS’s” 18th season concluded when series icon Special Agent Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) boat exploded. Fans then wondered whether the beloved character had finally met his end.

Fortunately, given that Katrina Law and her character Jessica Knight have remained a constant presence on “NCIS” for just over a year, it’s unlikely we’ll see her departure from the series any time soon. Nevertheless, anything’s possible when it comes to the long-running procedural drama.

‘NCIS’ Agent Alden Parker Faces Major Trouble in Season 19 Finale

Katrina Law might have required a stunt double for the “NCIS” season 19 finale. However, her character isn’t the only one seeing action during the much-anticipated episode.

Apparently, when the finale airs on Monday, May 23rd, Alden Parker faces double trouble. Not only does he get framed for murder, but fans can look forward to the first appearance of the character’s ex-wife. There, we’ll meet “Meet the Parents” star Teri Polo’s character, who happens to be a paranormal investigator for the U.S. Defense Department. Check out the episode synopsis below.

“When Agent Parker is framed for murder, the team puts their jobs and lives on the line to buy time and uncover the truth.”

It will definitely be interesting to see who frames Parker, and why. So be sure to tune in to the finale.

In addition, we’ve seen the “NCIS” team put their badges and their lives on the line when former Agent Gibbs faced legal trouble. However, with season 19 the first to feature iconic actor Gary Cole, it will be interesting to see how McGee, Torres, and newcomer Jessica Knight team up to rescue their brand new boss.