‘NCIS’ Season 19: When Will the Penultimate Episode Air?

by Shelby Scott

Season 19 of “NCIS” kicked off in chaos. Bishop left after purposely getting in trouble with the agency. Gibbs’ boat endured an attack, and, when season 19 premiered, the team wasn’t even sure if their boss had survived. However, now, we’re approaching the season 19 finale and it’s amazing to think how quickly the season has flown by. With the final episode of “NCIS” season 19 airing next month on Monday, May 23rd, we’re here to let you know when to tune in to the season’s penultimate episode.

According to IMDb, the second to last episode of the current season of “NCIS” doesn’t air until Monday, May 16th. Entitled “All or Nothing,” there’s little public information about the penultimate season 19 episode. We do, however, know that, in the finale, the “NCIS” team’s special agent in charge, Alden Parker, becomes framed for murder. As such, the team will have to find the actual culprit.

What to Expect From the Upcoming Penultimate “NCIS” Episode

That said, will the penultimate episode lead us into that suspenseful plot? Or will it air as a one-off? Will the episode end [with a completely different storyline from the one promised to feature in the season 19 finale?

Knowing how our “NCIS” writers work, and that the series patriarch now serves as an executive producer, it’s more likely the penultimate episode will start to lead us into the plot of the final episode. If that’s the case, the outlet claims this will be the biggest spotlight on Gary Cole’s character Parker so far.

Given that Parker is framed in the final episode, we can also expect “NCIS” writers to leave us with some sort of cliffhanger as they tend to do annually.

Season 19 Finale of ‘NCIS’ to Introduce Fans to New Character

Clearly, there’s going to be a lot going on during the “NCIS” season 19 finale. We’ve come to expect it after airing for nearly 20 seasons on CBS. However, amid all the action, fans will also be introduced to a brand new character. And this time, the new character will provide greater depth for Gary Cole’s character Alden Parker.

Earlier this month, “NCIS” showrunners revealed that “The Fosters” actress Teri Polo will fulfull the role of Special Agent Parker’s ex-wife.

Polo’s character, Vivian Kolchak, will join the characters of “NCIS” as a recurring character. She’ll be making her debut during the season 19 finale. However, we can expect to see a lot more of the brand new character when “NCIS” returns in the fall for its milestone 20th season.

Previously, it was revealed that Polo’s character not only plays Parker’s ex-wife. She’s also a former FBI agent who now works as a paranormal investigator for the U.S. Department of Defense.