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‘NCIS’: Secrets Revealed in Explosive Season 4 Finale

by Shelby Scott
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

NCIS” is not a show to back down from secret reveals. Way back in season four, the procedural drama’s writers were simply full of them. The entirety of season four is intriguing as it is entertaining, and it’s totally packed with secrets. The season follows former “NCIS” Director Shepherd’s hunt for the notorious arms dealer, La Grenouille or, officially, René Benoit. However, the finale throws the viewer for a loop with “NCIS” special agent Anthony DiNozzo at risk of blowing his cover.

Ahead of the season four finale, Jenny Shepherd recruits the senior agent for an undercover mission. The mission requires DiNozzo to pose as the boyfriend of Jeanne Benoit, daughter of La Grenouille (French for “frog”). However, that’s just the beginning. As the season wears on, we learn the truth of Shepherd’s connection to The Frog in addition to Tony’s complicated relationship.

Eventually, Gibbs realizes why Shepherd has become so invested in her hunt for The Frog. And as we now know, it’s because she blames him for the death of her father. Things become creepier though when Shepherd returns home to find an open bottle of alcohol sitting on her desk.

After confirming with her housekeeper that she’d been the only other person in the house, the audience is on edge. Clearly, someone else had been in the study. Shepherd decides to take the bottle to Abby, “NCIS’s” beloved forensic scientist. She then matches the prints on the bottle to those of Shepherd’s father, who’d supposedly died 12 years prior. After getting confirmation the prints belong to her father, Jenny spirals, investing her entire being into bringing down Benoit.

‘NCIS’ Fans Learn Tony the Truth Behind Tony’s Relatonship

The season four finale doesn’t just put hyperfocus on Jenny Shepherd. It also sees the spotlight rove over Tony and his relationship with Jeanne Benoit.

As “NCIS” fans well know, what started off simply as an undercover mission to get closer to La Grenouille becomes complicated when DiNozzo genuinely falls in love with the arms dealer’s daughter. A far cry from the farmer’s daughter, to be sure.

Regardless, we see just how hard things have become for Tony when he and Jeanne are trapped in the morgue of the hospital the latter works at by a gun-wielding heroin smuggler. It’s here that Jeanne becomes suspicious of Tony as he demonstrates more than just competency with a sidearm. Looper reminds us that at this point, she believes he’s a professor who goes by the name of Tony DiNardo.

Things become even tenser as the season four finale of “NCIS” closes with Tony being greeted by Jeanne’s father and the notorious arms dealer he and Shepherd have been tracking for months.

After everything that’s passed between them, the two briefly considering buying a house together, the final frame of the season four finale left “NCIS” fans wondering if Jeanne set Tony up, if he’s in trouble, or if any of the feelings they shared for each other were real.