‘NCIS’: Sneak Peek of Season 19 Finale Shows Parker’s Old Boss Wayne Sweeney Still Holds a Grudge

by Shelby Scott

NCIS” has a rep for leaving its fans at the edge of their seats during each season finale. And this year promises to be no different, with the team’s new leader, Special Agent Alden Parker framed for murder. So far, we know McGee, Knight, and the rest of the crew work together to get at the truth. Although they do bring Parker back to headquarters as a suspect. However, now, a sneak peek of the finale shows the former FBI agent’s old boss, Wayne Sweeney, still holds a grudge.

Will ‘NCIS’ and ‘FBI’ Butt Heads Once Again During the Season Finale?

TV Insider provided the exclusive sneak peek, which shows Agent Parker in MTAC with “NCIS” Director Leon Vance. On the screen, we’re reintroduced to Parker’s former boss at the FBI, Wayne Sweeney, who possesses an overly smug persona.

While speaking with the director, the FBI deputy director argues that he’s not directly accusing Parker of murder; he is “simply saying that given Agent Parker’s history with the victim, he should be on the list of suspects.”

He continues, “If NCIS can’t see this, perhaps the FBI should take over the investigation.”

As per the outlet, it seems Sweeney is targeting Parker nonetheless. Fans remember that earlier this season, the former FBI agent directly disobey the director’s orders.

Always quick to defend his personnel, Vance replies, “I assure you NCIS will pursue all leads.”

After hanging up with the shifty director, Parker says to Vance, “I should’ve warned you: He has trust issues.”

The rest of the clip provides further details regarding some of the events we’re already aware of, although one piece of information is relatively new: the murder victim is Parker’s old partner. Simultaneously, after becoming introduced the the “NCIS” character’s ex-wife, we learn she’s gone missing, with Parker determined to do everything to find her.

Be sure to check out the full video.

The Team Investigates Parker as a Murder Suspect in Season Finale

While we know Parker is not the actual murderer ahead of Monday night’s finale, the “NCIS” team can’t exactly be certain and, despite awkward feelings about investigating their boss, Special Agents McGee, Torres, and Knight are forced to consider the former FBI agent as a murder suspect. Check out the official preview below.

The final frame of the preview spotlights Parker as he faces the realities of his current situation: his former partner dead and his ex-wife missing. Before that though, we learn Katrina Law’s character, Special Agent Jessica Knight has potential reservations about their boss.

“There’s a lot about Parker we don’t know,” she says to no one in particular. Footage shows Parker reluctantly opening the trunk of a car with another frame with a dead body.

Never one to give away too much, McGee tells him, “We need you to come back with us to NCIS, as a murder suspect.”

Whether or not the team finds Parker to be the murderer, you can be certain the “NCIS” season finale will definitely throw us for a loop.