‘NCIS’ Star Brian Dietzen Promises Tonight’s Episode Will Be a ‘Game Changer’

by Suzanne Halliburton

NCIS episodes have dropped hints for much of the spring about a possible romance between two of its characters.

Jimmy Palmer, the awkward but brilliant medical examiner, decided to date again at the end of the Feb. 28 episode called “The Helpers” (you can refresh your memory from the Outsider recap here.) His wife, who died in 2020 of complications from Covid-19), came back to Jimmy in a dream. After nearly dying himself, Jimmy didn’t look far for a possible love interest. Jess Knight, the newest agent, asked him to be her plus one at a relative’s wedding. Honestly, they look good together.

In the last new episode on May 2, the team was consulting via zoom with Ernie from NCIS: Hawai’i. He has an obvious crush on Jess after meeting her in the March 28 crossover. But Jimmy didn’t want Ernie mentioning Jess.

Brian Dietzen portrays Jimmy. And he dropped a photo of his character and Jess (Katrina Law) earlier Monday to hype tonight’s NCIS episode called “All or Nothing.” In the snap, Jimmy looks dazed. He’s got blood all over his khakis. And he’s leaning on Jess, who has her gun ready to shoot.

Dietzen captioned the photo: “Tonight is gonna be a game changer. Check out a NEW NCIS 9/8c. If you had to run for your life, who would you want by your side?”

Here’s the Gist of Tonight’s NCIS

So first, let’s go to the CBS plot log for Monday’s “All or Nothing” episode:

“NCIS investigates the unexpected death of a Navy reservist who was an investigative journalist. Also, Knight and Jimmy’s budding romance is put on hold when a vital organ transfer goes fatally wrong.”

Law posted the same photo to her Instagram page Monday. Her mentions were interesting. Wilmer Valderrama, who portrays her partner, Torres, replied: “I’m ready, you two are gonna own TV tonight.” Dietzen was pumped as well, writing “Hell yeah! Gonna be (fire).” He used three fire emojis. So it’s going to be that hot, as least by Jimmy standards.

We can also see from the promo photos CBS released about the NCIS episode, that Jess is prepared to do a lot of shooting. This photo tells you everything. We’re thinking that Jimmy definitely wants Jess by his side in case of emergency.

Katrina Law as NCIS Special Agent Jess Knight. (Robert Voets/CBS ©2022)

Tonight’s NCIS episode is the penultimate one of the season. The finale is set for May 23. It looks like it will be very Alden Parker centric. The series also is introducing Teri Polo as Parker’s ex wife Vivian Kolchak as a recurring character for season 20 in this finale. She’s now a paranormal investigator with the Defense Department after working for the FBI.

And here’s the CBS plot tease for the season 19 finale, “Birds of a Feather.” “When Agent Parker is framed for murder, the team puts their jobs and lives on the line to buy time and uncover the truth.