‘NCIS’ Star Brian Dietzen Reunites With Fan-Favorite Cast Member, Fans Go Nuts

by Shelby Scott

As one of NCIS‘s few remaining season one cast members, Brian Dietzen (Dr. Jimmy Palmer) is a favorite among fans. However, Palmer became a fan-favorite character only after becoming a student beneath NCIS‘s longtime medical examiner, Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard. Dr. Mallard remained the series’ beloved ME for more than a decade before adopting a less demanding role as the show’s historian a few seasons ago.

Since then, Ducky has made just a handful of appearances on NCIS. But now, ahead of the CBS drama’s milestone 20th season, Dietzen has fans going nuts with an all-new photo that sees the series’ current medical examiner reuniting with Ducky’s iconic actor, David McCallum. See the fun post below.

The Jimmy Palmer actor’s Instagram post sees himself and McCallum enjoying lunch together in a diner that suspiciously looks like the one often featured in NCIS. In his caption, Dietzen wrote, “Happy Wednesday. Go get yourself a friend, a diner and a tuna melt.”

He added, “It’s always a good day when the doctors are in!” and we couldn’t agree more. Fans, taking to the comments, ignited in a frenzy at seeing the NCIS stars’ recent reunion.

“Name a better duo,” one NCIS fan wrote. “I’ll wait.”

A second fan added, “You two just made my day perfect.” Another commented, “Crying tears of happiness right now.”

‘NCIS’ Fans Have Finally Begun to Accept Special Agent Gibbs’ Replacement

While Jimmy Palmer and Ducky Mallard are two of the most beloved characters within the NCIS universe, there’s a third character, less embedded in the fabric of the series, that sees less than a fraction of that love.

NCIS fans were absolutely heartbroken last fall when they were forced to say goodbye to show stalwart and former special agent, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. After leaving the series in during the fourth episode of season 19, writers announced that Gibbs’ position would be filled, not by Senior Field Agent Timothy McGee but by newcomer, former FBI agent Alden Parker.

Parker’s appointment as NCIS special agent in charge drew fury from fans. And even after they adjusted to his regular appearance in the show, the character didn’t receive a whole lot of love. Now though, almost a year after replacing Mark Harmon‘s iconic character, fans have finally begun to accept actor Gary Cole’s character.

Taking to social media, one fan admitted, “When Gibbs left I felt like that was it for me. I didn’t bother to watch [the] next episodes. [But] I’ve now watched up to Ep. 9 and Parker has grown on me really quickly. I think it’s because they didn’t try to make him a Gibbs clone.”

Another fan even said, “I was super against Parker at first too. But after finishing [season 19], I actually adore his character.”

Be sure to catch the NCIS Season 20 premiere when it airs on CBS on Monday, September 19th.