‘NCIS’ Star Katrina Law Shares Stunning Photo From Puerto Rico Vacation

by Suzanne Halliburton

NCIS star Katrina Law relaxed this week in Puerto Rico as she and her family took a peaceful beach vacation.

Law, who portrays Jess Knight on NCIS, shared a gorgeous, artsy kind of snap from her Puerto Rican trip. She’s in the photo with her husband, Keith Andreen, and three-year-old daughter, Kinley. The three were on a secluded beach. Law captioned the photo “Private little tide pools. Thanks for having us here again, Puerto Rico.”

Go ahead, live vicariously via this NCIS star. We all need to feel those gentle beach breezes.

Law certainly deserved a vacation. She just finished off her first full season of NCIS, playing the partner of Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and potential love interest of Jimmy (Brian Dietzen). And we must say, Law as Knight wasted no time in getting comfortable with the other NCIS agents and staff.

Jess, an ace interrogator, replaced Bishop (Emily Wickersham) in the office. The first part of the season she was more of a background player as NCIS said goodbye to Gibbs (Mark Harmon). She also was trying to get used to a new team. She’d worked with another NCIS department. But her fellow agents were all killed in an explosion.

NCIS gradually introduced more details about Jess throughout the season. She was an All-American in track while attending college. Jess and her mother had a falling out, but Torres encouraged her to get back in touch. Her father also is an NCIS agent. He’s stationed in Asia. And Jess also is fluent in Mandarin. When Jess and Torres did a crossover with NCIS: Hawai’i, Ernie thought she was such a boss, he developed a crush on her.

Jimmy and Jess are about to start an NCIS office romance. (Michael Yarish/CBS ©2022)

Meanwhile, NCIS was exploring another part of Jess’ life. Writers paired her with Jimmy Palmer, who lost his wife to COVID in season 18. After a near-death experience of his own, Jimmy decided it was time to move on with his life.

Jess asked him to be her plus one to a cousin’s wedding. And they enjoyed themselves so much that they took the next step. That’s flirting in the office. Jess even volunteered to accompany Jimmy as he transported a liver from one hospital to another. It’s difficult to imagine organ donation as an NCIS plotline. But the bad guys started chasing Jimmy and Jess because the liver was intended for a federal witness about to testify against a gaming company owner.

In the NCIS season 19 finale, the two decided they should date, although the pair will start with something like coffee.

Jess was concerned that she’d lose Jimmy as a friend. But Jimmy said he’ll be there, either way.

“If you have a friend that you’re suddenly attracted to,” Dietzen told Parade about the budding romance, “or maybe gradually been attracted to, you definitely don’t want to put your friendship on the chopping block. And Jimmy’s been such a good friend to a lot of people on this team and has been there from the onset with Jessica.”

So stay tuned for NCIS season 20 to see if there’s something magical in the forecast for these two.