‘NCIS’ Star Michael Weatherly’s New Gig Has Fans Pumped

by Shelby Scott

NCIS and Bull are now officially in the past for beloved actor Michael Weatherly. However, after concluding the final season of the latter show last month, the Anthony DiNozzo actor has a new project. And as hopeful fans await the actor’s return to the small screen, audiences of both CBS series are absolutely pumped.

Unfortunately, no, Michael Weatherly has not confirmed any upcoming returns as “very” special NCIS agent Anthony DiNozzo just yet. However, in a new Twitter post, he did share that he would be making a return to the Cameo app. Per Express, Cameo enables fans to request personalized messages from celebrities for a fee. Weatherly shared the news on social media, “Just in time for Father’s Day.” See his announcement below.

The Bull alum’s massive fanbase flocked to the comments to share their excitement. As always, many begged the longtime NCIS star to make an appearance when season 20 premieres this fall.

“The most awaited return,” one follower wrote, “great! I enjoy your little videos way too much.”

Another commented, “Fabulous. We were all experiencing withdrawal symptoms.”

As always, NCIS fans begged for Weatherly’s return to the procedural drama, with one hopeful follower commenting, “I WANT DINOZZO. I can’t think you’ll never come back, there cannot be [NCIS] WITHOUT YOU.”

Michael Weatherly has been known to rile up NCIS fans before, sharing frequent throwbacks to his days on the long-running CBS series and making references to his beloved character on Twitter. However, with the milestone 20th season of NCIS on the horizon, Express states a Michael Weatherly return isn’t exactly unreasonable.

‘NCIS’ Showrunner Speaks Out About Michael Weatherly’s Potential Return

Following the season finale of NCIS at the end of May, the longrunning’s series’ showrunner Steven D. Binder revealed some of the details regarding any potential Michael Weatherly return. And, thankfully, the door remains wide open for whenever the former NCIS star decides to come back to the show.

In speaking about a DiNozzo cameo, Binder said he would “absolutely love to do something like that.” However, he emphasized that the choice is not his.

“That’s going to depend on Michael Weatherly,” Binder explained. However, given the actor’s closeness with both the show’s remaining original cast members and its producers, it’s not surprising that Weatherly maintains a positive relationship with the NCIS showrunner.

For now, the NCIS star’s newest gig enables him a freer schedule, working on his Cameo bits as he pleases. Additionally, this coincides with Binder’s earlier statement, with the showrunner revealing the DiNozzo actor plans to take some time for himself.

Following Bull‘s cancelation, Binder said, “he’s going to take some time off and rest because he went from a very difficult schedule on ‘NCIS’ to headlining his own show for six years, through Covid.”