‘NCIS’ Star Sean Murray Says Gary Cole is ‘Kicking All Kinds of A**’

by Shelby Scott
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Many “NCIS” fans are still heartbroken over the departure of series mainstay Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon). However, plenty of others have been willing to move on with Gary Cole’s Special Agent Alden Parker in charge. And although Parker has only led the team for a single season, “NCIS” original cast member Sean Murray (Special Agent Timothy McGee) says his actor, Gary Cole, is “kicking all kinds of ass.”

During an exclusive interview with Parade, Sean Murray spoke about a variety of topics. The main ones included potential Gibbs and DiNozzo returns, Gary Cole’s Alden Parker, and his own character’s continued development.

When Mark Harmon departed “NCIS” earlier this season, Gary Cole’s character Alden Parker fulfilled his role. The suggestion came from longtime special agent in charge, Leroy Jethro Gibbs himself. And, despite the chaos of that major transition, Murray shared with the outlet, “I think Gary is kicking all kinds of ass. I love it.”

He continued, “I remember when [Steven D.] Binder told me a year and a half ago that Gary was going to be coming on board, I was very excited.”

Sean Murray also revealed that, before working alongside Gary Cole on “NCIS,” they actually once starred in a Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie of the Week. “We did one called ‘For My Daughter’s Honor’ and Gary starred in it,” the actor shared. “He was a high school teacher who was having an affair with one the students, and I had a smaller part in the movie.”

In remembering Gary Cole as both a nice person and a professional within his occupation, Sean Murray expressed genuine excitement when the veteran actor joined the “NCIS” team.

Sean Murray Shares His Thoughts on Gary Cole’s Addition to ‘NCIS’

The characters of “NCIS” may have had a difficult time adjusting to Alden Parker as the new team lead. However, Gary Cole’s transition into Mark Harmon’s open spot took place much more smoothly. During the same interview with Parade, Sean Murray shared the behind-the-scenes scoop regarding Gary Cole’s arrival at the “NCIS” set.

After Gibbs departed for Alaska, fans and the rest of the “NCIS” team were shocked that McGee would take over. But, we did get reassurance when McGee explained exactly why he didn’t want Gibbs’ spot to Agents Knight and Torres.

Of that scene, the Tim McGee actor said, “I went a little behind the scenes with that scene and was pretty specific as far as dialog and things that we were playing. I wanted to be clear about where the characters were coming from.”

In speaking to Parker’s transition into Gibbs’ long-held position, Murray said, “It just seemed natural…Everything feels like it fell into place the right kind of way.”

Sean Murray further differentiated between Gary Cole and Mark Harmon’s style. He stated, “This year, it’s a little bit more of our team is greater than my team.”

While Gibbs was iconic for taking the falls for what he called “my team,” Gary Cole’s Alden Parker functions more on the level of his agents, working in tandem with, rather than outside of, his charges.