‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Wraps First Day of Filming Season 20

by Shelby Scott

NCIS kicked off its first day of filming for season 20 on Thursday. Afterward, series star Wilmer Valderrama took to Instagram to share a quick recap with fans. In addition to concluding their first day back, the NCIS cast members also teased a little of what’s to come when the new season premieres in September. Check it out.

“Well everyone, it’s official,” Valderrama began. “NCIS is back for season 20, we’re back on set! We’re very happy.”

The Special Agent Nick Torres actor then passed the rest of the recap on to his costars. Special Agent Timothy McGee actor Sean Murray promised that in the upcoming season, “we’re gonna bring the smoke.”

NCIS star Brian Dietzen (Jimmy Palmer) added, “There’s gonna be some new stuff you’ve never seen before, it’s gonna be very exciting.”

Forensic scientist Kasie Hines actress Dionna Reasonover also insisted that the cast and crew of NCIS will “surprise you.” Meanwhile, Katrina Law (Jessica Knight) assured us that the team will “finally” catch one of the bad guys on NCIS‘s Most Wanted wall. Turning to point at the photo, she highlighted an individual whose photo has been a mainstay there for the last two decades.

Overall, Valderrama’s behind-the-scenes clip assures us that, with or without the series’ original patriarch Mark Harmon, season 20 of NCIS will bring the same drama and excitement it always does. Check back here for all new NCIS updates, as well as updates on all of your favorite TV crime dramas.

‘NCIS’ Season 19 Turned the Spotlight Onto One Underrated Character

Halfway through July, we’re still navigating a long hiatus leading to the NCIS Season 20 premiere. In the meantime, many fans are looking back at some of their favorite moments from season 19. Overall, there are definitely a lot of noteworthy episodes, scenes, and character interactions. However, many fans loved seeing the immense character development on the part of Brian Dietzen’s character, Jimmy Palmer.

Palmer joined the NCIS team early in the show, making his debut toward the end of the very first season. Since then, we’ve definitely watched Palmer grow as a student, doctor, friend, and father. However, following the departure of Harmon’s Gibbs, writers were given more room to focus on less prominent characters.

Dietzen’s character had a major role on NCIS this year. However, the actor also contributed a lot behind the scenes. Early in the season, Dietzen wrote an episode entitled “The Helpers.” In it, the spotlight highlighted both his character and Dionna Reasonover’s. But it also welcomed back Jimmy’s daughter Victoria who we haven’t seen since her birth now so many seasons ago.

We also saw the brief return of Palmer’s late wife Breena in the form of a hallucination, further solidifying the character’s death. Then, on top of it all, we got to see the medical examiner ignite a new relationship with one of NCIS‘s newest field agents, Jessica Knight. It’ll be interesting to see what comes next for Dietzen’s beloved character when NCIS returns this fall.