‘NCIS’ Stars Brian Dietzen, Diona Reasonover Send Message to Fans From Season 20 Set

by Megan Molseed

We may still be weeks away from the NCIS September 19 premiere date. However, the cast of the popular CBS crime-drama TV series is already back into their NCIS characters, filming some exciting season 20 episodes.

And thankfully, these stars are giving us a few sneak peeks here and there of the newest season as we wait until the new episodes this fall. Among these sneak peeks is a recent tweet from one of NCIS’s newest players, Diona Reasonover, who portrays Kasi Hines on the popular series. And, she brings in her costar, Brian Dietzen, who portrays one of the show’s fan-favorite characters Jimmy Palmer to share in the message.

Whoomp! There It Is! The NCIS Crew Is Now Back On Set, Sending Messages To Fans In Between Takes

In a Friday, July 15 post, NCIS star Diona Reasonover sends a shout-out to NCIS fans – and the 1990s party band, Tag Team.

“Tag team back again!” Diona Reasonover exclaims in her recent Insta post. It’s a sweet message including a video clip…one that gets us super excited to see Kasi and Jimmy team up again in the NCIS medical examiner’s office.

Brian Dietzen And Diona Reasonover Are Ready For Season 20!

The clip starts out with Dietzen and Reasonover sending a hello message to fans as they are wearing their character’s trademark lab coats.

“Hey! Hi!” Reasonover says in the clip, as Dietzen takes a look at the camera.

“Hey, what’s up,” Dietzen says. “How are ya?”

As Reasonover tells fans that they are back on the set, Dietzen moves in close, placing his head onto his fists happy to tell fans that season 20 is well underway.

“Season 20,” Dietzen says excitedly as Reasonover agrees. “Episode one,” he adds.

Then Reasonover tells fans that – because they are now filming NCIS’s 20th season, they are “going to do 20 questions.” And, Reasonover adds in her Insta comment she invites fans to join in.

“If you could ask the cast of @ncis_cbs anything, what would it be??” she writes in the post.

NCIS Fans Ask Some Burning Questions

A lot of NCIS fans take advantage of this invitation. One fan wonders about some familiar faces returning in the upcoming season.

“So excited for season 20,” the fan comments.

“Will Gibbs make any appearances in season 20?” they ask, adding another inquiry to the mention.

“Since [Bull] is over, will Tony come back?” the question continues.

Another fan is just inquiring about job openings, adding that they have some special skills.

“Can I be an extra?” one commenter quips. “I have the perfect British accent!”