‘NCIS’: Vanessa Lachey Previews Historic Three-Show Crossover Event

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy CBS Broadcasting)

For NCIS: Hawaii star Vanessa Lachey, she is all in when it comes to an upcoming three-show crossover event taking place. Lachey managed to leave Hawaii for a little bit and come on over to the mainland and Los Angeles. Lachey was on the NCIS set as Wednesday rolled around. She happened to talk about the work she was doing on the show’s set. The crossover covers NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Lachey’s show.

“Today is the first day that all three NCIS shows are meshing in the first episode,” Lachey said to Entertainment Tonight. “It’s going be NCIS and NCIS: Hawaii, then NCIS: LA…It’s really great because we were all in one room and everyone’s asking, ‘Does my character know your character? When have you guys met? When did you guys meet?’ So we’re all figuring it out for ourselves.”

Vanessa Lachey Urges ‘NCIS’ Viewers To Find Their Own Theories

But Lachey admits that she is quite excited for those viewers of the NCIS franchise. She encourages them “to start coming up with their own theories as well, as to our backstories.” Lachey does spend her time living and working in Hawaii where she works with her fellow cast members. But she does talk about a new energy within all the different characters that they bring when they’re in the same room together.

“It’s always funny to me to see how we’re all so serious in procedural television but we’re all just normal moms and dads and people,” Lachey said. “So I just love being able to like kick it with them and talk about life and just hang out and eat snacks. I mean, we do work, don’t get me wrong. I act like we’re just sitting around all day but it’s just been really fun to see the other side of everyone else.”

So far this season, Lachey’s show has been strong in the ratings. Fans are following the show right after the O.G. lead-in that has been on for many seasons. NCIS: Hawaii continues to bring its characters to life on the show. Lachey runs it all as Jane Tennant. And the show just continues to get better episode after episode.

Meanwhile, Lachey’s husband, Nick, did stay back home in Hawaii. Lachey actually would serve as the outlet’s guest co-host on Wednesday’s show alongside ET’s Kevin Frazier and Nischelle Turner, who were at the Sheraton Waikiki. The Love Is Blind co-host did offer opinions on the current relationship statuses of the season 3 couples.