‘NCIS’: What Stories Do Fans Want to See in Season 20?

by Suzanne Halliburton

Fans love to discuss NCIS, whether it’s the current season or details about past episodes. And now, some are posing ideas juicy enough for a a plotline the ultimate crossover.

Hint, you can call in NCIS: All in the Family.

This is an ongoing discussion on the NCIS sub Reddit. Basically, it involves the often very unseen children or other relatives of the agents in the office.

Here’s what one NCIS fan suggested for the next chapter. But it’s only after the agents figure out who set up Alden Parker (Gary Cole) for murder. So call it the post-Raven days. And Samantha_K_S_S, the Reddit user who started the thread, wants to see this storyline involving McGee and his wife, Delilah.

“I’d love to see some idiot kidnap either one or both of the twins,” Samantha_K_S_S wrote. “Delilah (calls) McGee in a panic and the NCIS team to solve the case, obviously with Delilah’s help and Vance’s permission – since it’s not technically a case that is NCIS’ jurisdiction. But considering it’s the twins of someone working for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, it becomes their case.”

There’s more. That’s because the NCIS agents have more children than just McGee’s twins. So maybe, the kidnapped kids could pull in crossovers with all the spinoffs.

NCIS fans got a McGee-centric episode last November. But no one saw the twins. (Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021)

Speaking of NCIS children, maybe pull more than just the twins into any kind of story line for season 20. NCIS did involve some of the agents’ family members in season 19. There was a spotlight on McGee’s family, when Patricia Richardson played Delilah’s mother, Judy. And then Vance’s daughter, Kayla, appeared as an NCIS agent in training. (She did get kidnapped). Brian Dietzen, who plays Jimmy Palmer, co-wrote an episode called “The Helpers.” (Outsider recap here.) And it featured Jimmy’s daughter, Victoria, along with visions of his dead wife. Then in the season finale, fans met Viv, Parker’s ex wife, and his father, Roman. (Outsider recap here).

Jimmy brought his daughter to work in “The Helpers.” He almost died of biotoxin poisoning. (CBS ©2022)

One NCIS fan wondered if Vance’s other child could get a mention. “Idk but I’ve been re-watching old seasons and after Jackie, Vance’s wife, dies, there is hardly a mention of his son Jared. They mentioned him when the director was in the hospital having a biopsy done in season 15, but not really since. It’s as if Jared just disappeared. And now that Vance’s daughter, Kayla, is an agent you’d think they would speak on his son. But nope.” But maybe? Sounds like a good idea.

There even was an episode featuring Murray’s real daughter. That was “The Brat Pack,” an episode that ran May 2. The agents investigated a string of break-ins at Quantico Marine base. McGee bonded with a teenaged hacker named Teagan. Turns out, Teagan was Murray’s oldest daughter, Cay Ryan Murray.

Plus, when it comes to NCIS fans, there’s always this suggestion: A user named Ann_Summers wrote: “I know we won’t get it, but I’d love a visit from Gibbs or for someone to visit him, I just can’t quit Mark Harmon lol.”